Naughty is back!

Dear reader, sorry for my long absence due to unexpected responsibilites I have had...

However, naughty plans will come anew, starting from next tuesday : new story and new fantasy resulting from cumulated frustration along last weeks.

Naughty always keeps in touch with your perverse searches.

See you then, on tuesday!


Seymore Buttz said...

welcome back...lookin forward to the new posts ;)

m said...

did you close this one or should i keep waiting for a new story? :)

Naughty Plans said...

never closed and never i feel remords for my naughty plans !! :)) i will be back from december, back to my second naughty life ! :) thank you dear reader, i am glad you liked my blog !! :)

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I am glad to know that your are back. Keep posting as I am going to read it everyday. 

Unknown said...

Welcome back.I hope this you will give us more naughty plans.

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