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Also, I have often written about "tourist" women and "indigenous" women. I suppose that you may wonder :

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Beach Hunting [ep12 final] - Water Games

In that morning I easly left my bed... Not only I had slept enough after relaxing beer, but also I experienced a lot of firmness and courage. I could say that there is some revenge, too! However I was shocked to see the unavoidable old man, sitting as usual near the residence door, drinking a coffee. "Good morning! You are early to come!". I wanted to tell him so loudly to not talk to me anymore. How annoying!

I was in the sexy beach earlier than usual. Only few tourists were there to run and to swim before breakfast. When I left home, I made sure whether my neighbor was awake or not. Usually, she spent whole the morning indoors, as she cooked for her children. By the way, I liked that she had no husband there, he might be working and he would join her in next weekend. That day was really my only chance to do something naughty with her. But what if she ignored my invitation? My thoughts got broken as I found myself facing the bad man of the beach... the guardien.
- What are you doing here? He asked.
- Fuck you man! Are you from police?
- I can call them..
- Go to hell! I suppose it's up to me to alert them! You harass tourists, you!
- I know what you are trying to do!
- And?
He looked at me with a so hateful glanze. He really hated me. Suddenly I saw a female silhouette in the beach pathway I came from. I supspected her to be my so expected prey... I focused on her so much that the exasperating guardian looked there. He turned to me and his looking was even more accusing, he replied:
- You will see!
I had again that stupid feeling of guilt, but fast I realized that he might think she was a regular tourist. He might not suspect I knew her or that I live near to her. He left me without word saying.

In order to avoid my growing feeling of being discovered, I used my hand to say hello to the coming lady, and then I went in the water. Perfect! I could easily follow all what happened in the beach without being seen! My neighbor put her stuff and removed her white tight teeshirt through which I had always guessed her big boobs. And so they are! Her bra was falling a little bit, as it can't support her heavy breast. She also wore a sexy blue skirt hiding full thighs. Ohh! I could not prevent myself of touching my growing cock.

Whereas, the guardian was standing seated not so far, carefully looking at the sea and children swimming. Damn he never moved from there! My neighbor finally stood up and went to the border of the beach. I saw her wetting her legs, her hands and her face. She looked so sexy when she bends! I thought she would come back to her umbrella but instead, she advanced. The cofusing fact is that she had not removed her skirt.. can she swim with? She was going ahead, the closer she was, the harder was my dick. She moved so slowly as to get used to the coldness of the water. After a while, I could only see her head, while she started to swim. She came next to me but she said nothing, we just exchanged hot glances which told so much of... challenge and tacit naughty plans.

She outpassed me as she swum into deeper waters, huh did she want me to go there? No problem... I took a breath and fellow her. We were then far enough from the beach. She stopped swimming and she lyed on the water, facing the hot morning sun. Her full boobs fell in each side of her breast, touching the cold water. I could see her hardening nipples under her white bra. I came closer to her, waw what a hot sight! I put both my hands under her skin, as to make her feel more relaxed. She opened her eyes, looked at me, surprised, or she pretended to be :
- What are you doing here?
- Good morning, madam!

I felt so horny, to the point that I could not think any consequence of my action. Perhaps, this is because I was sure there is no risk.. no people! Our heads were enough close to each other, then I kissed her in a tender way and asked her :
- Are you ok?
- I am! You can let me alone, please?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah I am not your child!
- However you can consider me yours...
She smiled, as we immediately remembered our conversation of the day before. She replied, amazed:
- Do you want to be treated like a child?
- You already did... but i am not a regular child..
- You mean?
I kissed her once again, while my fingers got naughty and pressed her so yummy ass, althouh it was firmly hidden in her swimwears.
- Bad boy! stop!
- Hmm why is your skin so smooth?
- I donno go away!

In the same time, she didn't try to resist or to break her relaxing posture. Instead, she wanted to feel much more than relaxed. Suddenly, one of my fingers got trapped in a hot expanded hot... She made a short "Aïe" while my breath became so hard! I asked her:
- Don't you wear your slip?
She didn't answer. She moved her head as to avoid my teasing glanze. Though I felt so pleased to ask her again:
- Why are you naked? Don't you have a slip to wear, fucking whore!
Then she opened her eyes and answered:
- Go home, poor child!
- Hmm?
My breathening got jerky, I could not say or think anything relevant. I took her in my arms, then we were roughly glued each to other, face to face. I kissed her as long as I want, my hands were so firmly taking her by her full hips. She sounded to give me totally herself... how much can an unkind and difficult woman be passive or even submissive!

I took advantage on her weakness as my hands went under her skirt. I finally touched her ass itself! How many times I looked at it throughout her bathromm window or in my dreams..! I started to rock her buttocks with an unmatched firmness she saw in my eyes. In fact, she looked at me with a real astonishement! That was something she never waited for... the faster I rock her ass, the stronger she nibbled my shoulders and my neck.

I was so certain to be her master, my arms gained an increasing force. So I let my short fall off, I elevated her skirt and pulled her firmly against me, she helped me by surrouding my waist with her legs. I took her hand and ordered her to touch my cock! She was shocked, she asked me in a weak voice :
- How can you be excited in cold water?
- I gonna fuck you, madam!
- You have no condom!
- Shut up! Open your legs! more!
- Please...
- Don't be stupid! I am safe!
- Because you never fucked before!
She was going to laugh and to tease me but a strong deep push inside her vagina made her instantlty screaming. She said though with a trembled voice:
- What? Ok I believe you but you won't cum in me!
- I am not your husband and I gona cum in you, slut!
- Aïe you fuck me so hard!
I took her so tightly in my arms, while I gave her many successive strong shots with my cock. She reacted by nibbling and scratching my skin like hell! I went deeper, harder, faster in her fucking delicious mature body... a lot of cum filled then her vagina, or may be her womb.. We stayed entwined like passionate lovers. I was imagining how can all of my sperm be inside her... what a feeling! She finally released her legs and went a bit further. She looked at me with a reddened face. I breathlessly asked :
- How was it?
- Such an angry guy!
- You still think you are my first time?
- Of course you made it before underwater, too!
- Though don't mind about my cum... The only risk you may have, a lovely horny baby...
- Haha please let me forget about... my husband will join me soon!
- Haha!
- Happy you! A third voice said...

We looked at each other, scared. We turned to the source of that voice, the unwanted man was that... other guardian, I mean the fucking boring owner of our apartments. He added:
- Good girl... good neighbor!
- Daddy...
All of a sudden, I understood that it was not a dream... I wanted to run away, to swim as far as I could... and I realized that my short had disappeared. The end?

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Beach Hunting [ep11] - She is unkind

- Hello.
She didn't answer but she nodded instead. I was a little bit discouraged by her distant behavior. I looked at the palms around, then I asked:
- It has been a hot day.
- Ok.
I replied, as to talk to myself :
- Though it is not that hot!
She looked at me, for the first time I could read in her eyes some meaningful expression, other than her killing indifference. She sounded intrigued by my flagging assumptions. Then, she thought maybe that it was useless to understand, so she ignored me again. I was enough frustrated. What did this conversation mean? I had no choice but to continue my monologue :
- Indeed, people around aren't hot. I see...
- Ok.
- It's just a big deception to realize that a beautiful lady like you, can't even say one word.

I waited for her reaction, for sure she could not longer play her preferred game of silence and indifference. I had just confessed all I thought about her. She finally decided to say something, but she was thinking instead. I said:
- If you think that I am a serial dater, you're wrong.
- Well you are!
- Why do you think so?
- You are such a bold guy, you and your friend. You have no respect towards us. I have two children!
- Eventhough...
- What?
- That makes you even more attractive!
- Go look for a bitch, I am not like your fucking sex buddies.
- I swear I have not made anything bold, yet.
- Hmm so you must be too young!
- No I do believe in myself, but most of women ignored my approaching. Few ones who wanted to hang out with me, could not...
- Because you must be virgin.
- Because they are commited, madam.
- Look my boy. A woman who seeks for an affair never hangs out with a young guy like you, as she wanted a well experienced one.
- I am not guy. And you really think that I am virgin?
- Yeah unless you tried to see the pussy of your baby sister.
- Stop!
- Haha go home, it's time to sleep my son!

Did she want to tease me? Did she want to get banged? Ok.. I am not that blind to rape her.. she was not ready like the hot mama of the beach. However she left me highly irritated. I was still facing the impolite lady, she looked at me again with a mocking smile on her sexy lips. She called her elder son who was watching on tv inside. He came, his had a curious glance when he saw me there. His mom told him :
- Bring me the sucker of your bro!
- Why?
- This guy wants it.
He laughed, disappeared then came back so fast that I had not time enough to express the growing red anger inside me. He immediately gave me the sucker, laughing like a stupid provoking guy. He was so insisting that I really hesitated... may be because I was influenced enough, or I didn't want to be impolite, as usual. When I gave my hand against my will, the laughters of unkind boy and his mother became so loud that the young baby came and looked at us, so astonished.

It was only a while after when I actually saw the sucker in my hand. I wanted to hit the guy but that made no sense as he was protected by his impolite mom. Punish her? I would be considered like a raper! Go home, never, it's my home, I am there to be myself, not to escape stupid neighbors. Stay there? I could not look "normal" anymore, hearing the ceaseless laughters and mockery of neighbors.

I took the candy, it tasted good. The mother was laughing like hell. I made only one step to be close to her, and I inserted the candy in her mouth as fast as I can! She stopped laughing, she got surprised and so did her son. Then he suddenly started to hit me hysterically like a funny cartoon character. His mom threw the candy in the trash, ordered her son to go back home. She looked at me and finally said something serious:
- What do you want?
- You will tell me if I can please older women. See you tomorrow, early morning, in the beach.
- Huh what does that mean?
- I said you will come. Underwater games together.

Although she tried to be indignant and disgusted, but that time she failed to. She was seriously thinking of that suggestion. I didn't want her to make any comment which may be harmful, so I entered my room, brought my keys and some money, then I firmly closed my door, my will was so firm. I left her and totally ignored her eyes following me, I never wonder about what she might think... it was beer time!

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Beach Hunting [ep10] - Options

- Hi man!
- Hi... I said, exhausted.
- Good hunt?
- I could not caught her...
- What?
- There are other predators...
I went to the kitchen to find cold water. Pity there was no beer, the supermarket was far enough... After I relaxed for a while, I came back to the sitting room and asked my room mate :
- I hope you had more luck!
- Well I didn't go to the beach!
- Are you that tired?
- Yesterday was so deceiving, so I have no mood to go away!
- I see..
I was thinking about the situation going to be more and more complicated, dashing our plans on the ground of reality. Then I was suddenly hopeful, I asked:
- What about our new milf?
- The neighbor next door?
- Yeah!
- Have no lust!
- However most of tourists are never alone, as I have seen.
- That's weird!
- So do you keep hope to try to hang out again with?
- Of course! But later I will go to the pub, you can join me there if you want.
- It's ok.
I was at once released and nervous. Released because I am not the only man to get upset. Nervous because there was about one week left.. I could not figure my come back if I would not satisfy my insane fantasies. Anyway, I was feeling so tired that I fast fell asleep.

In the late afternoon, I opened my eyes and realized the darkness of the room. The silence was prevading to the extent that I felt a little bit depressed. Then I remembered that my friend might already go to the bar. I was figuring many alternatives : going to the beach, in the hope to find the mommy again. However I would be kicked, that plan can turn into a nightmare. A second option is to go to drink some glasses in the bar, and forget about all that shit. Another option? Going outside and breathing fresh air at the sunset! Gentle plan! So I did, I opened the door, but the balcony was not empty, my neighbor was sitting there next to her open door.

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Beach Hunting [ep9] - Banged Mommy

I had slept for more than ten hours! I felt so cool in that morning, as if it was my first one in my holidays. I didn't like to awake my room mate, but I was curious to know what happened in his rendez-vous. Anyway, it was up to me to target the good milf, to arrange a pinky appointment.

A while later, I was establishing in the beach, relaxing under the sun. I was searching a calm and cool atmosphere to plan everything anew. I asked myself what I should to do to have more luck? Certainly, it's better to stop to think about failure, rather I should focus on the rare but real successful trials. However, I would conclude something useful : never date accompanied women! Yeah it's naughty but not every woman (and man) can be that irrespectful towards her/his partner or child. Aha! Don't you think it's obvious?

I should stop behaving like a milf hunter, as the reality is totally different from the extremely easy porn movies. Rather, I must consider the fact that we are just in a society, with all that word can means : fear, shyness, hypcrisy, complexes, need of feeling safe, etc. Hmm.. I was glad to find rational understanding of my failed trials of the days before. Amazingly, I didn't like to venture more and more into deep thoughts which make me feel .. hmm.. too serious. I wanna keep horny like hell!

I was tired of thinking, so I just lied in the shadow of the umbrella. I looked around, I could only number couples, families, women waiting for a boyfriend, etc. It was decidedly a bad luck to be the only single man in the beach, seen as a dangerous or a corny man. Even worse was the fact that every man working or living nearby, did the same. That reduced everyone's chance to attract and convince any female to hand out with. Yeah that's roughly the supply and demand model, expect the fact that I don't look for being paid!

The more I stayed there, the less I felt energetic. I regretted the stupid rational monologue I had, as I just became aware of new challenges and odds. Instead, I should be spontaneous as much as possible! That must be a key to success... but how? Then I remembered the scene of the last day as a child was running in front of me. I was going to wonder again and again... unless a sweet low voice nearby said : "he is not here".

I turned and was so pleased to see once more my desired lady. She was casually looking at me behind her thick sunglasses, had a brief smile then she continued reading her best seller. I thought how to answer but first, I didn't understand the exact meaning of what she said. I suddenly realized that she might be there for ages, but I was so concentrated on my useless ideas. "Go big or go home!" I remembered one of my favorite quotes. Enough dreaming! Action!

I stood up, made only few steps to come just next to her, looking for anything to say... "Be spontaneous and charming!", told me my female friend.
- Well, I am glad for it...
She put her book on her breast, looked at me with her hidden mysterious eyes :
- Sorry?
- Huh.. i like that your child was not here!
- What are you saying?
- ...
She took her new companion - her book - again and ignored my confusion.
- You said...
- And what?
- ...
She carelessly open her legs to pick her skin, while she turned the page of the damn book. I felt ridiculized, standing like the silent umbrellas around. I decided to be more vulgar to feel better.
- When he is not here, you are only for me.
- Sorry? she said that, removing her glasses and staring at me... hey eyes failed at being accusing, because they look so sexy instead.
- I mean this...
She outfaced trying to understand my random words. But I was fast to squat and to hide between her legs. Once again, she had not enough time to push me or make any other reaction. She felt conquerred, instead of resisting she unconsciously used her legs to press my head against her hot pussy. Only after I started licking her clitoris she could entirely realize the trap, then she tried to sit down, but my angry hands pushed her, so she felt and found herself lying again on the sand. I nipped so hard the smooth skin of her thighs while she just opened and closed her legs. That's not resistance, rather she helped me to reach her most intimate part of body like a savage.

I forgot to say that the place where we settled down was less crowded, as it was behind a small dune. Most tourists around were sleeping or doing something in total indifference regarding the naughty attack I did. Mommy's pussy became so wet that I could feel her juice in every part of my face. Then I went just over her, kissed her sexy lips. She cried with a muffled voice :
- You smell...
- It's your cam, dirty mom!
- Please don't do it here...
- Hmm shall we do it indoors?
- ...
- Hm? You like to be banged by a stranger?
- You're making a scandal!
- You will bring me to your room!
- Ok just stay away please...
She liked to be treated like a dirty used mom. When I lied near to her, I saw her breating hard and her face was so sweaty. How sexy! Suddenly, she got confused and then she took her bag and other stuff so quickly and runned away. I cried : "Wait! You come again?"

Some people realized it and looked at me on that damn annoying way. But.. they sounded to pay too much attention... did they watch us..? I was not at ease, not at all, I stood up and made some steps backwards... I had a shock, I turned around, I saw the guy of the other night with his eternal two friends, severely staring me. One of them finally said : "Go away!". Once again, I just obeyed as I felt so guilty...

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Beach Hunting [ep8] - New Neighbor

The most annoying, is that the woman and we, do share the same backround. In fact, she would be a taunt, a teacher or any regular woman we see in everydaylife. She had in her eyes a strange expression. I reminded then the staring of witnesses on the beach. No, but rather there was something else... My eyes fell then, inspecting the body of the new neighbour, as she wore a light bikini. My friend finally broke our silent conversation :
- Hi! Nice to meet you! (in the local language).
- Thank you!
- You just came from the beach?
- No I am going there now!
- Well we are glad to have a beautiful neighbor.
She laughed, thanked and turned back to go. We were unconsciously discovering her holy ass.
- You f*** her?
- Of course I want!
- We must make a plan!

It was a tiring hot afternoon, I decided to take a rest to be in a better mood in the morning after. We were drinking coca and watching tv, but actually, both our kinky minds were then focused on the sexy discovery of the day! Such exciting near hunt, that I forgot the adventure I had in the beach.
- So man, you think that she heard all? My room mate asked.
- Hey eyes told a lot!
- A lot of ?
- I would say... desire!
- Ouh!
- I swear!
- You know what does that mean?
- She must be a milf!
- Yeah but i suppose that she came here with a husband, she must be conservative, freasome...
- Come on man! She loves a hard cock in her holes!
- Yeah she must love!
- You know what? I will try, you, too! If she would feel at ease with one of us, that's good! If she wants to be gang banged, that would be even better! So good luck!
- Such a good tactics!
- Yep!

His naughty plan was to go outside having only underwears on him, to gather some stuff in the garden. Of course, there would be much chance to meet her in that shameful wearing. After a while, my friend came back and said :
- Wanna kill that man?
- Who? her husband?
- No! The owner!
- What!
- Yeah, he whistled furiously.
- What happened?
- He saw me!
- Shit! What were you doing?
- She was in bathroom, just next the door you know! So I was there!
- Exactly!
- She was ready to leave the flat to go to the beach, she would see me accidently!
- I see...
- Before the f***ng man came.
- The porter, I would say.
- I wonder how can I bring a stranger woman here!
- Hah don't worry! I think you must though concentrate on your new lady, you forgot!
- Yes for sure!
I was extremely tired, so I went to sleep. I had time for myself to think about the experience which was being build in a quick way! I tried to link together the events of the last night, my actions and the reactions of women I met. I wanted to take a break, to evaluate how realistic is my behavior. Then, suddenly I remembered the full legs of my neighbor, I jumped off bed, to go straight to her. I realized then that she might be in the beach. I closed my eyes again, enjoyed my privacy and had a great masturbation. My mind was just confused, remembering a plenty of asses, white gentil asses of tourists, and forbidden neighbour's ass. It was only 5 pm, I felt into a deep sleep.

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Beach Hunting [ep7] - Mommy and the Ball

The day after, I woke up hard... I had had an awful nightmare which was just the continuation of the misadventure I had the evening before. Even worse, as I seriously started to think again about the planning of my holidays... The serial refusal of women I approached the previous day, made me feel less self confident, and lazy! However I decided to give myself a chance, again! It's never so late!

All the way to the beach, I had the certain feeling of going to sit for an exam. I was so stressed that I forgot to mate and to look at the beautiful bodies as I used to do. Instead, I experienced a lot of fear and sense of duty... naughty duty? Though, it's still a duty, it's boring!

The first thing I did in the beach, was to walk as long as my confused thoughts. From time to time, I said good morning to a good mature woman coming to me, and all her reaction was to ignore and continue her footing. I was convinced that I should target any female to get more chance. But, younger girls were even more difficult, they seemed to be indifferent to words you tell them, surely because they got tired of listening all kinds of nice words. Well... I started to feel nervous and indifferent, too! I sat, watching tourists having funny games in the sea. At that moment, I wish I had a girlfriend I could play with... as do most of tourists. It made a growing body of evidence that dating on beach was definitely a stupid plan.

I was so absorbed in my negative thoughts that I didn't remark the red ball a baby shot. I received the balloon on my neck, my thoughts got broken all of a sudden. I could not be angry, as the baby was cheerful, and a beautiful lady seated next to him, was ashamed, smiling then said : "Sorry"! I just smiled and instantaneously forgot the light pain the ball made on my skin. Instead, a spread feeling of warmth was invading whole my body. Not only her smile was so touching, but also, she was gorgeous, that's all how can I describe her!

She wore a turquoise bikini which perfectly suits her milky skin. Her breast and her legs were lightly reddened by the sun. That made her even more sexy. Her blonde straight hair was a little bit excited and undown because of the wind, as if she just woke up. Her eyes let me guess a hot creature inside! I don't know why I was sure that this quiet mommy can be the hottest hottie ever. My cock immediately reacted to that bold though, so I tried to hidden my erection.

I looked again at her, as to make sure she didn't notice that, she had already put her sunglasses, and she was watching the joyful atmosphere her child was creating around. Did our communication take an end? Was it casual? Really,when I would be home back, I will bring this lady in my mind... that would be even more frustrating. Why not bringing her, herself? I felt a sudden rise of courage, as I realized that I had no choice. Immediately, the perverse inside me found a plan.

The baby was still joyfully playing with his ball. I called him and invited him to throw the ball to me, so he did. I took the ball, and throw it as far as I could. That subtle game sounded to please the child, so he run and brought the toy and threw it once again. I caught it and launched it in the water. He never stopped to laugh and appreciate my teasing game. I did not aim to take the baby away, I know it's stupid, his mom would worry. No... all my plan was to play as random as I could, it was not that difficult! Mommy seemed to laugh at my lameness. Aha! That's even better than being indifferent!

Then, I moved to the next level : each time I threw the balloon somewhere, I tried to run faster than the child to be first to catch the balloon. For sure, that action made the baby much more teased, while mommy was enjoying him. Was she appreciating how I contributed to the joy of her baby? Hmm I am not that gentleman, don't forget!

The game was going to be more and more out of control, we got actually excited, as if we shared same age. It was time for me to behave a little bit more... crazy. Once, I targeted the hot triangle between the open legs of the sexy mommy. The ball took place there, but that time, I was really moved to win... the pussy of mamma was so attractive that I prevented the innocent baby coming from there, to be there again. He suspected nothing, nor his mother realized yet the weird action which was going to happen.

Few seconds were enough to reach my best place in the world, there I headed my nose, my tongue, and felt immediately drunk.. of her natural sexual fragrance. I could not remember how much time did that contact last... all I remind, is that my head was abruptly pressed between two tense thighs, very hot ones. Then I found myself, face on sand. Indeed, she stood up and left the place. The smell of her secret garden never left my nose, though.

When I finally woke up, I saw curious children looking at me, some of them accompanied by their moms. I could not understand the meaning of their staring, it's neither indignation, nor appreciation. A mixture of both, may be.. I fast brought my stuff and left as quickly as I could that shame behind me. For once, I didn't find the old man of the residence when I was there back. I met my friend:
- Hey! How is your fishing today?
- I am drunk right now!
- What? did you go to the pub?
- Hmm I drowned in a mama's pink pussy..
- F***! Go eat something I will be listening to you.
- What about you?
- Huh I have a rendez-vous later with a sexy "milf".
- Another mom?!
- Yeah!! he laughed like a devil.
- (crying of a baby)
We both turned back and amazingly saw a mom holding her baby on her shoulder. We looked at each other, it was really late : our kinky confessions were totally heard by our new neighbor.

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Beach Hunting [ep6] - Watch, don't touch

- I have no idea!
- Well…
He seemed to take advantage of my ignorance, as he laughed with his friend. Then suddenly, one of my companions told me: “You can wait us for a while, or you can leave”. And they disappeared in the beach shack nearby to join the couple. I wondered… can they…? No… impossible!

Actually, I had no idea what to do… if I left that weird place, I would miss some episode… if I stayed… well I would feel stupid. I was teased enough, so I decided to know on my own what happened in the shack! I carefully approached the mysterious booth, to not alert them. Unfortunately, there were no window and the door was firmly closed. I vainly tried to listen anything suspicious. No way! However, the people inside sounded funny, as they were joking and laughing. Is that all their secret? It was obvious that guys were filling the naughty girl with their beer and…

I started imagining a shameful scene inside… I realized that I was thinking like a voyeur. Could it become reality? Who knows! I seriously planned to enter the shack and enjoy watching the bitch gang banged… and what if they disagreed? I was still close to the door. “Spank her!” I could not believe what I heard; I was thinking that I started to hallucinate, when I heard once again: “Stronger!” A series of spanks were following, and I could hear female voice: “Ah ah come on!”

The shack decidedly turned into a hot porn studio. Words and voices became more confused and less human… A savage gang bang was going to happen. Suddenly, the door was open, I got ashamed. The guy who was going outside was the one who introduced me to his friends. He was a little bit surprised, but he quickly smiled:
- You wanna share the girl, too?
- I know it’s too much…
- I thought you were gone!
- You know how upset I was, regarding the refusal of women today…
- Don’t worry! You will fuck a good one!
- But can I participate?
- Well I will come back!
- Please
- What?
- I wanna fuck her!
- She is mine, silly!
- And you like when your friends spank your girl!
- Go to hell!
- They are not better than me! Besides I am your guest no ?!
He seemed to think for while, and then he said:
- Listen… My friends and I used to share as much as possible every girl we dated… that’s how it works. But you… you’re so annoying like a child, go fuck on yourself!
- I swear this is my last time!
- Ok go away!
His voice was threatening, I felt more risky when one of the guys stepped out, looking for his friend. As he saw me, he asked:
- Hey you! Are you still there?
- “He said he wants to participate!” The other answered.
- No way!
They both shot an angry glance at me. I was so anxious that I decided to remove my own request. As I was moving away, I heard:
- You never come here again, perverse!
- “You will have serious troubles with her father, if not us!” His friend shouted.
I wanted to cry, that they are not only perverse, but hypocrite! However I got enough worried that I just wanted to feel safe again in my apartment! Why the hell am I so sad! It was the second day, no fucking chance! I could more understand my frustration: I was amazed to know that an indigenous girl going to be fucked, but I was just out of all that! Next day, my challenge would be bigger!

I was finally to enter my sweet home. It was late; I saw once again the old man peacefully sitting on his chair and smoking.
- Hi! How are you?
- I am Ok…
- You got burned by sun! be careful!
- Yes I do!
- It’s late! Take care next time!
How boring! As if it was in my grandparents’ home! Just before going into my flat, I remarked that the next one was a little bit noisy… new neighbor?

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Beach Hunting [ep5] - You're not alone!

- Nein!
She firmly swam towards the beach, taking her daughter with her. At that moment, I had a strange feeling of being a duped predator, shark or alligator or whatever your want.

How frustrating! Am I that bold? The unexpected reaction of the lady raised many questions in my head. Does she really want to be approached, while trying to make a clean image of herself in front of her little daughter? May be? I hope so… because if every mom immediately blocks dating attempts, there will never be MILF in real. No I should keep hope alive!

That day was tiring, sun and sea abused my burning skin. Everytime I was going to leave the beach, a naughty persistent voice inside called me to try once again. But indeed, that day was decidedly not the good one. Every lady I approached found a pretext to go away, or let me know that she was waiting for her husband… how subtle! Are there not cheating or single ladies? Shall I target girls of my age? Well, when I finally gathered my stuff to go back home, I was about to radically change my plans… definitely, action is not easy at all!

I couldn’t even masturbate, that became disgusting. I came there in the hope to slow that teen habit, by making love in real with the ladies. After that difficult day, I just wanted to drink some beers. By the night, I went to a lovely pub nearby, with a friend of mine, to get rid of the day stress and find out ups and downs of our dating experience. I proposed to try different alternatives, until we would catch a good hunt. I decided then to discover the other side of beach, at night. In fact, I kept a strong hope to find meet alone ladies spending time in the darkness of the beach, enjoying some beer. Why not! And… just imagine the following! I also needed to face a dating coach, one of these men who spend whole months working as a guard or a monitor in the hotel private beaches. That makes sense to ask them for advice and tactics …

My holidays would spend too fast, I knew it, that’s why I was urged to get more efficient in the first days… to get enough time to develop my speed dating experience, to multiply appointments and to get meaningful chance to bring a lady to the bed… that makes a lot of work!

Immediately, I wore my swimsuit and was back to the dark beach. Waw! How it can be so wild and fearsome, that social beach of the sunny day! I was moving carefully and searching any human silhouette, a female one. After a while, I found a guy wearing a uniform, walking with a can in the hand. Without turning, he asked me laughing: “I know you… I saw you in that afternoon looking haha”. I was encouraged by this attitude, so I confessed: “I think it’s a bullshit, are there any single lady?”. He became serious and explained that express dating in beach is like a random, and that there is no so many opportunities as we wish.

I drunk some more beer, which made me feel more social, I talked about my real plans when I came there. After a walk, we met two other guys who worked as guards for the next hotel. I was introduced, and they fast started to consider me as their old friend. Beer really link men, and it makes it better when they all worship one being: Woman!

I was told that my companion was so lucky, as he had just caught the phone number of a new resident in that hotel. The most amazing fact, is that the girl he dated was… not tourist, not foreign, not supposed to make sexy holidays.

May be, you start to guess the context in which I made my holidays: a place where it’s sunny, and where indigent native people are conservative. Hum? It’s just amazing to date a native a frustrated and conservative indigenous girl in holidays where you are expected to meet foreign open-minded and experienced women. Well, I found that story just exciting! I envied my new friend to have such an opportunity.

Then he went to call… his friends were kidding loudly, telling him that they have no condoms anymore. Gosh.. it was not a game, it was so serious. After only few minutes, a smart girl was coming from the hotel towards us. Her new lover whispered her something and she immediately smiled.

The two guys sitting in front of me looked at each other. Then one of them remembered my presence, gazed at me and said: “I suppose you have not understood, yet!”

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Beach Hunting [ep4] - Alligator Attitude

After a severe gaze, he stood up, ordered his playful wife to go with him. And he went without saying word. The lady, who seemed to have respect for him, just followed… when she came near to me, she put her foot over the phrase I wrote, she erased my entire request. I had not the time to feel indignant, as I realized that her foot was still there, offered to me. I understood… I kissed her foot immediately. Damn this submissive lady made me fetish! I enjoyed the too few seconds to lick and nibble her touchy white skin. And then she went, for ever may be.

Well, I was still lying on my stomach, having a blank stare. It was like a dream! When I woke up, I realized that a curious child was carefully gazing at me. He might see the naughty scene. Poor him! Would he be fetish later? I felt a little bit embarrassed to be discovered, so I decided to roll away. I walked again on the crowded beach, examining heavy bodies. So many and different colors, shapes and postures… what a festival! All of a sudden, I forgot where I was one day ago. Huh! Paradise is not so far! :-)

I crossed a mom going with her daughter who must have thirteen, not more. The girl smiled at me, she looked interested in communicating but… no! I can’t handle with this situation. I don’t want to use her, neither to worry her mom. Hum though, if that innocent girl could read in my thoughts… of mother f***er.
Well, I was lucky to face that same experience a bit later, in the water. I was carefully approaching a sexy blonde lady, who was also accompanied by her girl, it seemed to be. The girl was also a teenager, so I moved closer and closer to them. The teen realized how much I am concentrated on them, she told some words to her mom, and both turned looking at me. They smiled. I would never know what the daughter said. Anyway, her mom should be pleased to realize that she or her girl could be that interesting in the eyes of a stranger. I got a rise of courage, and went closer and called the lady:
- Hallo!
- Hallo! She said, smiling, while her daughter looked deceived to be out of the conversation.
- Can we speak in English?

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Beach Hunting [ep3] - Sandy Words

Late in the morning, after a long relaxing sleep, I took a heavy breakfast, amazingly thinking of how that can be beneficial for my sex drive. I prepared my bag, looked at the mirror, I felt energetic, so I went ahead for the next beach. It was 11 or a bit more, just before the lunch time in the hotels.
Just hallucinating! Along the beach, there were only exposed beautiful female bodies; I could not see anything else. That’s a holy place for sexy pilgrims! :-) I was still absorbed in that hot sight I can’t see elsewhere all the year. How crazy!

I got amazed enough that I sit down, looking at the crashing waves but indeed, staring carefully at the perfect body of a sexy mom playing with her son, just near the water. She realized my staring, but didn’t express any significant reaction. In fact, I was rather passive to what I saw; I had not the courage yet to act…

My hungry eyes constantly looked in different directions. Once, I focused on a couple lying on their stomachs, enjoying waves coming over them. The wife is just gorgeous! As they didn’t share a talk, I stared at her in a persistent way, while she was making some drawing in the sand. Suddenly, she raised her head and realized my obscene staring at her curved ass. Her hands stopped playing, she looked amazed by the posture of a naughty young man doing nothing but looking at her body. Or did she like my total indifference towards her husband?
She made some circle in the sand again but she had mind elsewhere, as she repeatedly stared at me. Could she be pleased? Oh gosh how naughty! I was increasingly convinced that this lady was exactly what I looked for…

We were obviously linked; I desperately looked for any tactics to talk to her, to make sure of my silly hope. Hmm… sand can be an innocent way! I immediately lied on my stomach, too, roughly facing the indecent wife. She smiled, I did, too! Then I wrote in big letters :
- I ♥ your body.
- :) (she wrote then)
- ...?
- ??
- Let’s f***?
It’s not easy to write down asterisks but I could not allow myself to be vulgar at that early stage… she laughed, how sexy is her laughter! Her husband, who was roughly sleeping, raised his head and looked towards her. As she laughed at me, his eyes moved towards me, they were suspecting something…

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Beach Hunting [ep2] - Hi, Neighbor

I was pleased to see the woman standing after my call. I wondered what to say else when she came to me… her balcony was not so far. Yes, she was really coming… in her sexy light dress. I could better see her sexy legs, very white ones! Hmm she might be a new resident, like me! She looked at me, smiling for only few seconds, as she turned back, closed the patio door, where her tight ass was going farther and farther… I felt some sadness and frustration. My plan was not that realistic. Anyway, I have nothing to regret, I just tried!

A bit further, I met some couples sharing a walk, as well. They look so romantic, and they were enjoying their vacations. Do these wives really look for something else? Like an extra adventure with a stranger? That time, I was not as sure as I used to be, while watching fake cheating wives videos and reading to mythical adventures of gigolos.

That time, I was just facing the real world as is. I mean, older women are mostly wives and moms, they have different responsibilities, they want to enjoy vacations with their families, although they can have some pervert inside them… shall I learn how to find single “milfs” ? Hmm that sounds more realistic, but I never can forget my naughtiest dream, to date and to bang a totally responsible lady, I want to make her cheating, can I? I am intrigued!

Enough for that night, I was already tired because of the long travel I had… I was finally coming home back, feeling so much pride to start this adventure, so far from my routine life in the stressful city. I was enjoying these thoughts while opening the external door of the residence, just before I heard a male voice: “Hey! Do you enjoy the place? “

I looked around, it was the owner calling me. He looks curious, he is one of these old men who enjoy staying at home all the time and earning extra revenue from his lodgers. That’s a typical boring owner! “Well it’s great!” I said, annoyed. And I took the stairs as fast as I can. I checked the next flat, it was always vacant. How boring! I tried to sleep, impatiently waiting for my first morning in the so expected temptation beach. I tried to not masturbate, to keep horny!

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Beach Hunting [ep1] - Meticulous Plan

One year ago, a naughty idea started to tease my mind. Everytime I watched an erotic show, I found myself particularly attracted to the elder women. It is easy to note that these women have already their own social life. They are likely to have husband and children, but they need a job…

Well, I just thought about the many “normal” ladies who try to be seducing, not only in TV. Yeah, it’s sure. One telling example is the beach. It’s only there where you can find women who enjoy sun, but also passionate staring of men at their bodies. Ladies are just aware of this fact; they must get glad to realize that they keep attractive as if they were younger. But are they all ready to show their seduction skills in bed? Hmm it depends… I had to experience!

I got just excited at the idea of joining that great sexy meeting - the beach - and trying to date ladies there. And what if some woman accepts to fuck? And what if I invite her to my flat? So many teasing questions… That’s how I got decided to plan holidays earlier than usual. My hope was just to meet ladies who just share my sex query. During the week before my travel, I got about sixty condoms for free, thanks associations! :-) Such an armada for only two weeks, no girlfriend. That’s to say, I was too hopeful. But it’s important to feel permanently safe, and to be able to fuck at any time.

What else? Home! It’s perfect! I can reach the beach by feet; indeed, tourists in hotels would be my lovely neighbors. When I first entered my new location, I realized that the next apartment was still empty, as both flats share one balcony. One third apartment, in the first floor, was however always noisy: the owner of the residency and his family live there! In short, I was just satisfied to get that apartment, which perfectly suits my hunting imaginary plans.

When the night came, I went out to discover my very special quarter, how I love it! So calm! So peaceful! Most of tourists might be outdoors, or having some entertainment in hotel. Every portal I saw was in my eyes a heaven’s gate, where I can catch many beautiful… non-virgin women :-)

Beautiful dreams are easy, action is however a real challenge. I got more and more aware of this idea, because actually, it’s not a paradise, nor a red light district! Although I am sure there are plenty of mature tourists who came in the hope to find a lover, to make them forget the labor and the coldness of whole a year, despite this evidence, I realized that it was my turn to work hard... In fact, I should not be the only man to try his chance… so there is a competition, in this case, one must be different, and here is the challenge.

During my walk, I saw light coming from an apartment’s balcony, I slowed; I could clearly see a woman’s silhouette, watching on TV on her room. I focused on that unexpected intimacy; she seemed to wear a white sexy nightgown. Oh! Why not to try…? She could be my guest that night! Like a shot, I called her: "You’re so sexy!"

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Beach again

The next story has been started in July, but it never passed one episode. Here is why : I used to be fascinated with the dating challenges on the beach... and I have been in hunger of sex. Just after starting writing that story, it was time to go to holidays I had been planning for a long time.

Those vacations mean sex tourism for me, rather than any entertainment. During two weeks along, I was being absorbed in a new atmosphere and totally new life style. I think that it's much better to write down a story, inspired by real world, and that's why I prefer to start the story anew, now.

Also, you may know how many people spend their Christmas in Carribean and other hot spots... sun, sand, sea and sex, again and again! See ya tomorrow!


It's late, but I want to be thankful for you, to come, to forget some of your time and realism. Hm although I wish there were votes as much as visits, I will do my best to catch you, dear.

As promised, I will be back in Saturday, to handle with a new series... Meanwhile, I hope you again, Happy thanksgiving, as Bill Maher did ;-)


Dear visitor, thank you for following. Let me know your impression of the latest short stories :

- Hunt the ass in the bus.
- Forbidden Dating
- He has a good girlfriend
- Friends Confessions

Did you most prefer

Are the three first stories

Shameful Sessions - Friends Confessions (2/2)

This morning, I woke up in a "pinky mode" : hard breathing and hardened dick. One told me that it's quite normal to feel horny in early morning. There is however something particularly beautiful with this erection : it's totally devoted to my friend, N.
I imagined her deep staring, her suave voice and her light touchs, sometimes lasting... over my knees and my hands... Actually, I felt so much desire and impatience that I started to talk with her, in my mind, and snuggling my pillow... I wish she could see me... that innocent show must be stronger than any words I would say. Aha! She must see me in this moment! I started then to imagine the most likely plan to show her my secret impossible desire. I swear I will do it, as she swears to invite me to sleep in her appartment.

We spend a hot evening eating, laughing, drinking some brandy (she already said that she has no problem to drink with me). And we get more and more spontaneous and... horny. No, I won't expect that she will call me to fuck her.. too much hopeful! I will try my best to keep "difficult" and charming in once. Relaxed mind, relaxed body, relaxed postures! She would see me open as never, confessing my deepest dreams of sex, my fantasies, my past experience, just to warm her up! Though, I will never tell in words my passion towards her. I want her to suspect me, to wonder, and to get pleased to find who she is for her best friend...

After enough time of talk and secret excitement in her living room, it will be time to sleep... she must have her own bedroom. Either she invites me to sleep there alone, with her, or elsewhere, I hope for nothing, I don't like to depend on her actions, rather I want to make her coming closer and closer. Just before lying, I go to the toilet, I inspect the basket where she puts her clothes, and I discretely take any underwear of her.. hmm though I hope to find her panties I have never seen before... I take this treasure with me and go to sleep. During all the night, I will be able to smell my best female friend.. So, it's like to sleep between the legs of a woman... ohh I hard keep control of my hands right now.

And I sleep for hours, and more... I want my friend to wake up earlier, I want her to come, and to discover the most shameless, and the least offending action of me towards her. I want her to get confused, looking at her own panties lying on my nose, and the pillow she gave to me, taking place in my arms. I want her to establish that her guest wanted to feel her rather than just to have fun and rest.

Sorry there is no fucking action : Due to the ambiguous experience I am having with N, I want to keep my expectations realistic.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any advice you are welcome! :)

See you!

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Shameful Sessions - Friends Confessions (1/2)

If you have a close friend from the other sex, you may know how helpful this relationship is in your life... For the few last years, I have known a girl who used to be my simple classmate. By the time, we have become closer, actually we don't have anymore to feel unsettled and mannered while we meet. Now, we barely know every detail of our lives, our problems, our intimacy, and so on.

Eventhough, I am still not sure of the future of our friendship... it's said that true friends are forever friends, but there is something mysterious with this girl. As she has recently broken up with her boyfriend, she immediately confessed me her increasing feeling of being lost, as she suddenly got in lack of many warm emotions she used to have.

I swear, I have asked some closest friends of mine, whose opinion is usually umbiased. I told them the words and the actions of my female friend, facts which seem to tease me, make me confused and give me a kind of hope... such as her jealousy, her late calls and her asking of every detail in my dailylife, her hope to share a travel with me in the case she won't find her man to enjoy her honeymoon with. She promised to invite me later and spoil me, once she gets her own appartment.

My listeners were a guy and a girl, both concluded that this girl was trying to seduce me. I really found myself in an ambiguous situation, because I knew though that my friend just looks for an elder guy, she even demanded me to connect her to a good boy. Further, she proposed to give me the phone number of her "sexy cousine" as she knows I am single, too. What kind of friend is this crazy girl?

Honestly, regarding my best female friends, I hope to get much more exchange : sensual experience... And I strongly believe that I am not alone to hope so, girls also like to feel continously protected, seducing, spoiled... no matter who is the guy, because the need of sex is just human!

But a taboo seems to arise out of the belief that friends must not become lovers. "I don't like our friendship to be ruined..." that belief sucks. Instead, I am certain that the most successful relationships have started from a very good friendship. Otherwise, that makes no sense to believe that lovers are not friends.

This line of though gave birth to really naughty ideas everytime I think of the future of our friendship. In fact, I seriously plan to make one more confession to my friend. This plan is not about telling "I love you", as you know this girl is likely to reject it. A plan is to make evidence of the attraction we feel each to other, in a subtle way.

Stay tuned!

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Shameful Sessions - He has a good girlfriend (2/2)

I was still surprised... feeling my dick getting as hard and warm as a hot iron bar. Lisa then looked me very indignant, remarked my dick and my hard breathing, and she shouted :
- And you? waiting for what, stupid guy!
- Hey he is my friend! said Josh.
- Your friends always suck, I understand now why are you getting stupid...
- Ok ok I see you are angry..
- Damn you! I am not your bitch! She said, and she started to cry silently.
- No you are not! He said, coming near to her.

He turned, asked me to leave the room, that he needs some privacy with his girl. I was going to close the door, while Josh ordered me to not close it, and made a wink. I understood all the following naughty plan.

I went back to the living room, and found Randy watching an erotic show. I told him :
- As usual..!
- What do you want me to do else?
He added :
- And why don't you stay with them?
- Well.. she is not easy..
- Porn is easier! Look..! He said, while a pretty model started to remove her white skirt.

I watched silently the show, then asked :
- Why the hell you don't ask him to share his girl? You bold boy!
He laughed, then answered:
- She is my cousin!
- Oops!
- As we have kept in touch all these years, Josh had the chance to know some of my friends and relatives, and asked me to date Lisa.
- And she accepted..
- Of course, she is free!
- I see...
- Well!
- And you want me to fuck your cousin, isn't that?
- Stop! Do you mind? Me, not!!
- Well.. I am convinced now!

We laughed then we focused again on the sexy tv show. A bit later, our silence was break by some soft screams. I stood...
- Where are you going?
- I gona fuck your cousin and the niece of your father!
- Naughty!
- Ok see you later!
- Wait.. are you kidding?
- No!

And I went back to the room of the lovers, decided, and much more courageous to break the taboo.
I looked from the ajar door, and discovered another Lisa, in her most intimate moments. Josh was fingering her, while she totally lost control of herself, and her muscles were clearly relaxed... her head was lying back, while she was opening widespread white gentil legs. I approached, carefully. Without asking permission of her lover, I started to open my jeans zipper to liberate my monster. Josh turned, looked at my wild posture amazed, then without word saying, stood and went rapidly away the bed, he discretely asked me to remplace him immediately. I did.

Lisa was still lying and screaming, while I continued the job of her boyfriend. How exciting is to push fingers into a forbidden flesh! I was masturbating while tickling her clitoris vigorously. She screamed more and more. I looked at my left side, Josh was still there, and he started to masturbate. My gosh! I never expected him to become a voyeur and cuckold! The idea about using and controlling the beautiful girlfriend of Josh, was enough to make me feel as wild as a savage! I didn't remove my pants, I didn't like Lisa to get time to realize who is going to fuck her. I took the pillow and put it firmly over her head. Her voice arrived to me, weak :
- Crazy Josh! You wanna kill me?
- Kill you of fuck!
- Why is your voice so..?!
- Coz you got me excited!
- Hey are you wearing jeans? When did you put them damn?
- ...

She started to resist, she might be enough curious to find an answer for all her questions. I was absorbed in my abrupt movements to control her til I firmly sit between her legs, my emerging hard dick facing her wet and ready pussy. At that moment, she arrived to get rid of the pillow, she saw me, she understood everything, she screamed.
- Come on sweetie!
- Shut up Josh! You are sick!
- Enjoy darling!

I did not wait, I pushed it at a glance, as deep as her pussy can... she screamed again.. she looked at me, frustrated but absolutely weak. Besides, her body was actually ready for a wild fuck, from any stranger cock... and she knew it!

All she did, was to close her eyes, to avoid watching her fucker, and tried to close her lips. Anyway, she could not resist anymore, any word she would say to me, would be useless! She was totally naked, and she received increasingly hard strokes from my angry dick. The harder I shooted it inside her pussy, the weaker she looked... until she couldn't anymore and screamed loudly :
- Ahh ahh you hurt, fucking gorilla!
Her insult just gave extra blood to my conquering cock. I heard Josh saying, in a troubled voice :
- You like him, don't you?
- No way ahhh ahhh slowly !!

She suddenly opened her eyes so wide, looked at me but only screamed more and more!
- I cum! I said.
- Don't !!
- Hmmm, I screamed as I never did...
- Ahhh

And she came, she got her orgasmo, that really hot girl! That was much stronger than her. I still felt in hunger, so I started to move up and down again, inside her hot pussy, but she stopped me:
- Enough!
- I want you!
- Stop!! ahhh you hurt me so!

Three more minutes of wild fuck, and she finally forgot her pain and frustration, and came a second time, while I hard gave her my last drops of sperm. She received all, then pushed me and did not say nothing. Josh was lying in the floor, he migt have already come, too. She was then near to him:
- My man!
- I am proud of you!
- You are a shame!
- I don't mind...
- You lied...
- You knew my fantasy...don't you?
- I don't share your perversion!
- Though you like it! I see...
- Yeah with no condom! She said, starting to cry...
- No come on, he is safe!
- I can't believe you anymore!
- I swear!

I finished closing my jeans zipper, and came next to them :
- Thank you, really!

She fixed her weak gaze on me, she found nothing to say, after she got used by me. In front of my friend, Josh, I took Lisa in my arms, and told her gently:
- I swear, I am safe.

Then I turned, looking at Josh, lying lazely on the floor, and told him:
- Tell her that I never use condom when it comes to fuck a good girl of a good friend...
- Oh I don't think so..
- Huh?
- I mean, she is not good girl anymore.

Lisa laughed and protested : You, crazy men!
Then she added : You won! But I don't like people to know...

- Of course! He said. As long as he comes fuck you.
- What?
- Come on Lisa! Don't you like a new taste, a second dick?
- Hah! It's enough for tonight!

We laughed all three. Then I left them alone, and went to join Randy, it was late to go back home.
He was sleepy, but the not the model on tv, I came just nearby, and told him, in total indecency :
- Your cousin is good! Is your sister, too?
- You say?
- If she is hot, I am sure I would want her!

He just said an inarticulate words, and slept again. The day after, Randy called me, he was well awake. After some usual phrases, he asked :
- I wish I did a confused dream.. you were telling me some naughty request...
- naughtier than you, silly?
- Hmm impossible! He said, proudly.
- So listen.. it's not a dream. Your sister is my next!
- Euh...
- Don't decide for her, old minded!
- I am not!
- Haha!

The End.

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Shameful Sessions - He has a good girlfriend (1/2)

It was friday.. my best day ever! It has always been my release and my time for madness! Only for once, friday was much more...

All began when an old friend of mine, Josh, called me to plan a joyful weekend with another friend, Randy. We all shared a considerable time of our teenagerhood, in the highschool. I never forget those days, where we envied older youngsters for their freedom and wealth they had. We dreamed to be students, but now we are! Being in university means a lot of things, as for instance, becoming definitely a man, who has a girlfriend and who starts to build interesting experience.

Finally, it was time to meet together, to see how did each of us become, to laugh at our mad memories, but first of all, let us be crazy as we used to be! Once we met in Josh's home, we found our teen manners and as soon we started to laugh as the nasty pupils we were!

The only difference with the past, was the presence of one shining girl, she might be 20 around. I was looking at her when Josh was talking with the other guest, Randy. This last observed me, smiled and told our hoster :
- Do you see? I can't recognize him!
- Really? said sceptically Josh.
- Look at him!

I got ashamed, I looked at them while the girl was still sitting a bit further, watching tv. Josh laughed and said :
- What? I see nothing man!
- He mated your girl!
- And?

They both laughed, and I joined them finally, smiling.
- So let's know a bit more about you, Xa!
- Hmm what can I say...
- Anything!
- Well.. I love university, I will apply for a job next holidays, that's all...
- Okay! Let's say that you have not changed... good pupil!
- Good?
- Hey hey don't think so... he had a so naughty glance.. replied Randy.
- Me? When?
Randy, who loves to tease his friends, ignored my questions and told Josh :
- He is more interested in your girl than in you, wake up man! And they laughed again.

I felt too embarassed. In reality, I had been constantly attracted by the casual posture of the girl sitting on the sofa. She wore simple pyjama, and she clearly seemed not glad to see her boyfriend, Josh, talking with his male friends like a stupid teen. Of course, she ignored even more my curious exploring glances at her body. I was a little bit absorbed in my thoughts, when Josh told me :
- Huhu! I think Randy is right...
- Oh no just...
- What?
- Sorry I woke up early...
- Ok I see...
- (smile)
- Beer or Wine?
- Let's beer!
- Haha!

For about one hour, we had got increasingly funny and indecent.. Lisa, the girl, suddenly stood, she sounded embarassed, then she disappeared as soon as I swallowed the last drops of my glass. I look at Josh asking for more beer, but he understood differently :
- Hahahaa pooor Xa!
- Huh?
- Your girl is gone haha!
- My girls or yours?!
They both laughed. I laughed, too. Then I said :
- By the way, is she ok?
- I donno! Josh said, while he emptied his glass.
Randy answered instead :
- You like her, didn't I tell you?
- Like?
- Hum?
- How.. she didn't even talk!
- So let's say you want her?
- You believe?
- Ohh innocent you are! Come on tell it!
- Ok why you say it?
- Coz she is sexy, man!
- Yes may be..
- You suck!
- You crazy!
- We are become men, don't get ashamed to tell such basic truth!
- Of course but she is not alone... i mean not single!

I looked at Josh, whose face got reddened, followed our conversation with much attention. He was thinking, or trying to. But I felt annoyed by his staring. I thought he would ask Randy and me to go... After a moment of silence, Josh just repeated the words :
- So... you want her?
- Who..!! Lisa?
- Yes!

My cock got rude at a glance. I felt discovered.
- Y-e-s or n-o-t ? He said, frustrated.
- Noo he is too scrupulous, Josh!
- I am not!
- I made a mistake, you must be gay or worse!
- Stop!
- You want my girlfriend? Asked Josh again, with a strange naughty voice.
- Yes I want your girlfriend, asshole!
- Ok then...
- What does this change? I asked.
He didn't answer, just called :
- Lisaaa!
- Whaat?
- Come!
- I wanna sleep!
- Ok stay there. Xa! Up!

I just did and followed him along the couloir. I heard Randy laughing behind me and crying :
- He has a good girlfriend!

I couldn't understand those crazy events. When we came in front of the door, he whispered : don't talk to me then! And he suggested me to enter the room with him, then I stopped while he approached hid bed where Lisa was lying down, on her stomach.
- Hey hey wake up!
- Shhit let me Josh!!
- Hmm your ass...
- Please I am sleepy!
- Sweet ass sweetie!
- I wanna take a rest, don't you understand?
- Your body rocks!
- Huh? Am I stranger for you, asshole ?
- For Xa...
- Who is this shit?
- Xa come fuck her!

She stood violently, looked at me :
- Damn Josh are you kidding?
- No you gona fuck with him!

She was tired, visibly, so she just gave him a fuck off. Then she was lying again on her bed. Josh looks me, his eyes were shining with a sort of perverse light.. he whispered :
- Go on!

Lisa turned, stood up quickly, hit her boyfriend with her pillow : Drunk asshole! Go out!
He laughed, moving to the door, and told me :
- Enjoy man!

To be continued, tomorrow !

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Shameful Sessions - Forbidden Dating (2/2)

All in a sudden, the hottie came and I became tetanized. I didn't know what to do... may be she would kneel down and open my jeans zipper? But there is no porn movie! Wake up!

While I was having a mixture of thoughts and emotions, which made me feel lost and confused, the girl started to wash her face, offering me her ass for the second time, but then, I could watch her detailed line emerging from her bronzed back, in total discretion.

However, she was acting as if I were not there. Indifferent! Is this a game? I felt weak, like a banal teenager teased by a forbidden older girl. Then she broke my watching, she turned up, looked at me long, then she laughed as the experienced whore she is, and moved to the door. This defiant and humiliating behavior abruptly gave rise to a real rage inside me, so I didn't lose time, I stopped her firmly before she reached the door and got exposed to people... she turned back once more, her face expressed rather surprise. Without asking anything, silently but tightly I pulled her, I locked the door, I pushed her against the wall, ordered her to raise her hands and crouch, to offer to me her nasty ass. And it was!

She obeyed in silence, I tried to understand this strange behavior of her. She did not take my action for a rape, because she could easily scream and force a scandal in the tiny café. But on the other hand, she was careful to not express any excitement in response to what I did... why the hell! Coz I am stranger? Coz she doesn't want to look like a whore? Or does she think I can't satisfy her? This silent monologue made my aggressiveness rise once more!

Then I thought of her upcoming shouts, which may turn the toilet to a porn studio. So I opened the tap fully, to ensure a total discretion. Meanwhile, she was looked carefully behind, but never tried to break the game. I came towards her again, put my nervous hands over her delicious breast tightened by her t-shirt.

She made a weak "ah", as my fingers squeezed her hardened nipples. I liked her reaction, so I played vigorously with her nipples, which failed to hide behind the thick t-shirt of those autumn days. The more I pressed her brown rude nipples, the less she kept control of her breath and jerky shouting. I suprised her when I stopped all that game and both my hands began to explore her skin : One hand of mine was massaging her stomach and moving slowly upwards to conquer her breast again. My other hand, however, was moving down, and fast, it got wet... Ohh she really enjoys!

For the first time, I came too close to her, and told her : I want to fuck your ass! And we looked at each other in the mirrors nearby : she expressed some surprise, she smiled and told me : please don't do.. it hurts! I impatiently replied, not convinced : Hmm? You like it though!

She was silent, and just looked at floor, powerlessly. I believe she likes to be submissive. Although she seems to be vulgar, too much expressive and inscrutable in public, she hides a big fantasy of being used, treated like a bitch in bed.. or in a banal toilet!

Oh.. How didn't I think about it? I tool off my hand which was distorting her t-shirt, and at a glance, my fingers were catching her hair, which I pulled. She shouted loudly, I could read her pain in her face. But that just strengthened my desire. I continued to control her head, while my other hand was entirely covering the curves of her pussy.

She understood my intentions, and she tried to play the victim, she resisted to me. Unexpectedly, I gave her a hard push on her ass, and she found herself one feet forward. We were both surprised, so we just continued this action, while she was attempting to express some resistance, but some seconds later, we were in front of the toilet door. I firmly pushed it, my dirty girl and I went inside. Then, I took back my hand, and her hair immediately covered her face, leaving her sexy naked neck. She had no time to remake her hair, because my hand was forcing her head down. More than ever, her ass was exposed, her famous line spreading again.. for me!

My hand on her pussy traveled under her deformed pants, before it was attracted by her hot hole. She lightly cried. Then I removed her pants, and I stayed wondering the curves : A tiny exciting dark skinned ass, crossed by a hot ray, deeper than I imagined... in the middle of which, I discovered an open hole welcoming me to come and cum...

She guessed my surprise, and she laughed in a provoking way, as she used to do, and told me : so what? you never see it before? oh poor virgin! Of course, she was kidding, and she knew how would be my reaction. All of a sudden, I released my hardened dick, threw a condom I used to have in my pocket, and then I spitted over her ass hole. She cried : Bastard! My answer was a deafening slap on her ass, before she felt it warm, and added : Ahh. And started to repeatedly cry : stop! ohh stop! as my dick entered slowly in her tiny scorching tunnel.

After a while, it got plenty.. and I was finally able to move my cock more and more quickly, until the hottie screamed seriously.. i didn't like to panic in such moment, so I flushed the toilet to make more noise.. Still, she shouted and moved her head from right to left and hit the toilet edges hysterically. All that stopped when I felt a plenty of hot sperm warming her tunnel.. she guessed.. she became silent, but a lot of breathing. I was removing my condom.

She stood, looked at herself, put her pants back, then she remarked that they got wet, because of some water on the floor. She got really angry, forgot all her weakness few seconds ago, shouted but to say that time : You bastard! She pushed me out the toilet.
- Are you satisfied now?
- ...
- You are just crazy, go see a doctor!
- Huh?
- Fuck! poor man...

I had finished hiding my cock, which was still big because I needed more...
The gross words I heard were enough to make me decided to do something... I walked toward the girl, who was standing in front of the mirror... when she saw me, she cried :
- So what?
- Calm down...
- Fuck off!
- Just want to...
- GO!

I looked at her... confused as in the beginning... I wish I could use her again, to take revenge... to answer to her rude words by a ruder fuck. But... it would be a real rape... I can't be a raper! I still glanced her, through the mirror, she seemed actually exasperated. I moved my hand for the last time to this forbidden body, and pressed shamelessly that ass, barely hidden by wet pants. And I jumped outside, she had even not time to react... I was coming back to my lover. She looked anxious :
- Are you fine ?
- Yeah..
- Are you sure ?
- Yes darling!
- Give me your hand, I have been worried...
- Oh you don't have...

I was in lack of love and respect, I welcomed my kitten in my arms, while she took my hand to kiss it as she used to do... Oops, I felt guilty.. that hand didn't deserve... No no I did nothing! that was so ephemeral. Actually, I was about to forget my affair, when my darling raised her hand, her eyes were asking me, she was looking for words.. then she said :
- Your fingers smell ...
- What... ? (I had one of my worst fears).

She looked at me, trying to understand... then she laughed.. and went in my arms again :
- Oh it's nothing sweetie! You know I am fussy! she said, snuggling.

I smiled, relaxed, sighed, wondering how lucky i am, and feeling a rise of love and need for my lover. Is it rather pity, you think? At that time, I saw the bad girl coming from the toilet, I tried to ignore her. She was going to join her friends but she stopped in front of us, a new wave of anxiety came. My angel girl raised her head again, looked at the devil with innocent eyes :
- You need something?
- Or I will give you something!

She threw a plastic thing on my face and sit with her friends. I was totally shocked. I looked at my clothes, I touched my cheeks : they were wet, with something like a glue. The condom run, came over my girlfriend's knees. She had a strange glance. Our eyes met, while loud laughter and confused talks came from the girls nearby.

The End.

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Shameful Sessions - Forbidden Dating (1/2)

Dating has alway been a challenge for most of guys, willing to improve their seduction skills and their self confidence as well. This is good. But what if you go dating while you are committed or further, when you are accompanied by your girlfriend ? Personnally, I think it's a fun.

I dedicate the following tale to every man who loves extreme challenges, or who just wants to punish his bad-behaving girlfriend. Girls, don't get offended, you will take revenge in a different story.

The other day, my girlfriend and I had an appointement somewhere. We had not seen each other for many days. You can easily guess how exciting it can be to get some time again with his girl. For two hours along, we had shared a walk and a passionate talk.

Then, she was hungry, so we went to a nice restaurant to eat something together. How beautiful! Honestly, I had felt in a good mood, and was just waiting impatiently some intimacy to take her in my arms as long as I want. Her eyes were telling me a lot of excitement. We couldn't stay longer, so we left the restaurant and we entered the nearest café. I took her hand with a big feeling of happiness and pride, facing the curious people looking at us. Finally, we found a narrow corner, but which is really comfortable. Perfect! We were glued each to other, sharing one breath and one warmth which was going to increase. Everytime her eyes met the mine, I felt a sudden rise of desire and other hot emotions I can't describe.

Well.. time was running, we were absolutely absorbed in our small but large romantic world, til a group of four girls came just next to us. Inconsciously, I looked at them then turned my head back to my lover, who seemed to not mind my curiosity. And we started to talk once more, and more. But something changed : I could hard focus on my peaceful girlfriend, my eyes were regularly attracted by the laughter of the girls nearby. I swear they have nothing to be compared with my girl, they looked vulgar but... why the hell they took more and more of my attention ?

I even started to rate these girls in my mind, shamelessly evaluating every detail of their sexy bodies, their faces, their teasing posture,... I was feeling guilty, while listening to the dreamy words of my girlfriend, when my mind got connected to the stranger girls. One of them was definitely the object of my curiosity, no it's not anymoe, it's really desire.

I vainly tried to push out these thoughts of my head, are they bad? But at once, I desperately realized that I felt no more excitement regarding my lover. In final, I felt troubled and was going to ask my girlfriend to go elsewhere. At that moment, I saw what I might never see! The girl of my fantasies, giving me her back, squats and... her pants move a bit down, leaving a very nude brown skin. Oh! My eyes got troubled by this unexpected sight! I can actually see her ass line, there is even no string! Quickly, I looked at her friends, but it was late... and they must wonder how bastard I am. I looked at my girlfriend who was always talking of everything, there is no sign in her eyes showing that she suspected me.

Whew! It's not that scandalous.. but on the other side, girls clearly made sure of my ill intentions. All that happened in few seconds... however the situation was finally going to change... when the girl whom I mated her ass turned round and looked at me with severe eyes. Hmm is she indignant? I don't think so, really! She is not of those girls who care about their reputation.

So what? No, there is another meaning in her eyes, like "come fuck me". I could not explain it, but the message was more than clear. This hussy girl hasn't any worry about the possible reactions of my girlfriend. During the minutes after, we frequently exchanged glances, which got more and more lasting and vulgar.

Yeah, she is vulgar, that's what I said, but I am, too! Then, I forgot every scruple and all the lover I had been one hour ago. Instead, I found it like a duty to go do something with the hottie. She was waiting something, for sure!

The idea came immediately : I broke the incessant confidence of my sweety, and told her that I had to go to the toilets. She smiled at me, that innocent smile which make you the most lover man. But I didn't need that, nor even need to have a hot fuck later with her. All I wanted is to push it roughly in the brown ass of that shameless crude girl. I know she is not of those we call "good girls", I am totally aware of it, and that's all the problem!

I was in the toilet waiting a dream. I wondered whether I was too much self confident? Have I any prejudice about an entirely unknown girl? I experienced some anxiety, and I thought that it was better to go masturbating to end all this hell!

To be continued...

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