[1] My first professional ambitions

We have been working for months in the same bureau. First times we worked together, I just noticed that she is pretty, kind, that she would be a good girlfriend, may be?

The day I learnt that she had just married, I was so surprised. Since, I thought its hard, unrealistic to continue to think to drag her.

She continues however behaving so kindly, she was lovely, she laughs a lot, and gets quickly amazed. I felt always at ease while talking to her. We smiled at each other, and I don’t know why..

Sometimes, I wonder.. is that smile a sex appeal? Or just innocent… ?

Lastly, i did not longer care about that confusion, i get more and more sure that I desire this woman. Ok, I can’t dream to be her boyfriend, I can’t spend holidays along with her, but .. I can steal moments of pleasure with her, in absolute discretion!

Then, she talks a lot about her problems, her stress at work, and the lot of housework she would have to do after… the difficult life, I have been witness of her growing deception and frustration from work, and .. emm may be from her husband, too?

Anyway, they must be enough used to make love, to that point they would feel it like any habit, or worse.. a duty!! My ambition is just to give her pleasure, to make her feel better. Is that not a good example of help and good intentions? It is…

In the stairs, we met each other, she was coming back from restaurant, she looked unsually active, good! Her face was red of the energy she had just got, and some sweat covered her cheeks. She looked rather wild… I imagined her at that state after a deep and strong fuck. Yeah she must react so..

Quickly, it’s up to me to get red.. ashamed of these thoughts, during those shorts but long seconds facing her. I didn’t remember what I said, may be she guessed much more in my eyes.

At the moment where I was walking again down the stairs, my hand rub accidentally her ass, accidentally I said? I looked at her, she looked at me, no .. I swear there were not innocent lights…
As she was enough higher than me on the stairs, my eyes quickly faced her ass, I looked at a very restraint distance the beautiful geography of her small croup.

Now, there is no doubt that I desire her, she must know very well the bad boy I was in reality. I felt discovered; it would be hypocrite if I behave as if nothing happened.

I was aware that that moment was ephemeral, too much! May be it would never happen again! We must be both in a highly excited atmosphere. I forgot everything around; I just looked at the gap just in front… I was like a drunk, I pushed my nose just between her buttocks and smelled, smelled, smelled,… she breathed.. deeply, I don’t know for how long…

We stopped when hearing some voice coming up from stairs, we were confused, the part of her tight pants just over her pussy, was wet, because of my saliva, but also her liquid…

God thanks I made that first step!! Now we can move to the next level… because she can be sure now that I have enough desire for her, and that she would scream as never…

Back to the quiet innocent bureau, as the good collegue I am I told her, firmly, that I will help her to get rid of her stress. I said it in serious way, nothing suspecting, but she would understand it totally different: I want to fuck her, and she likes it!

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