[2] First Call

I forgot to notice that my collegue has just started to be pregnant. She became more and more tired and weak. I learnt that she would leave the job in some weeks, for a long time,…

Time is running, I don’t want my naughty dream to blur! I must do something! Every time my hot collegue walks near to my desk, I smiled at her, I would tell her secretly : I can’t anymore!! I want to have you for one night! Only one night! And she smiled, she laughed, I read in her light : I am hot, my body is burning, but I will never be easy, come on!!!

Big issue! It’s all about to keep contact with her or not. I waited for my other colleagues to leave the desk, and asked her : I will miss you… I want to check your news after you go.. !! no? and I added impatiently : I just need to hear your lovely voice, your funny laughters, your endless stories, …

She laughed softly, I saw her face getting a bit red, she looked at me like an innocent baby or I don’t know… what a combination is this girl!!! She is going to be a cute, young but potentially hot mom!!
I never forget the warm and wet pussy she has!!! Although I have not touched it yet, but hers pants and her string failed to diminish the extreme sensations coming between her legs…
It was not that difficult to get finally her phone number, but it was clear that my intention was not that friendly! And to make things more complicated, she was hesitant and a little shy, me, as well!

I was aware of all this, I wondered how can I to practice with her all the fantasies cumulated in my head? Then, I remembered the deep smell I had from her pussy, I realized she is not against, she was confused, but she likes it!!!
In the night, I could not sleep, the image of my colleague pregnant just strengthen my fantasy! I looked at my phone, then suddenly, I wanted to call her, whatever she would react! She knows I might masturbate on her at that time, it may be reciprocal! Doesn’t it?

Decided to get her, I put down my pants, I started to masturbate while hearing the tones…
A sleepy and whipped voice answered:
- Hey! What’s up?
- Nothing... I already miss you..
- What? I don’t understand!
- I feel alone, I want to feel you with me…
- At that time?? Are you joking? Please I can’t talk with you for longer… my husband… you know
- I never knew you have a so sexy voice!
- Please… (laughing lightly)
- Lucky is your husband!
- Why?
- Hmm..
- Hmm?
- All this beauty… naked.. arent’ you?
- …ok stop now! Enough!
- And you just wear 2 pieces for him…
- Only my string
- !!!
- Damn you talk to me with naked boobs?
- (laughing)
- Look at them.. how they are?
- What a question!
- So what?
- Don’t you want me to massage them?
- Stop!
- And lick them…
- I will end your stupid call!
- I want to eat your body!
- Who are you? Where is the serious colleague I knew?
- It’s different when you are in your bed…
- And?
- And when you talk to your colleague nude!
- It’s not my problem, you don’t see me!
- I see you in my mind..
- …
- And I make all I want with your body, in my mind, too!
- Haha! How?
- My hands firmly catch your nice boobs.
- …
- Your body is just covered by the mine!
- Hey…
- And I am naked as well as you..
- Ohh Xa..
- I start to fuck your boobs!
- You are indecent!
- I don’t mind
- No comment!
- My only concern is to make you scream!
- You are not my husband!
I didn’t answer, I just put the micro of my phone loud, near to my hand, which I move fast to rub my cock, a bit wet…
- I don’t hear you!
- (lappings)
- What’s that?

I took the phone again, and answered :
- It’s my dick moving between your boobs.
- Are you crazy?
- Don’t you see it?
- What?
- Its head!
- You are creating an image
- And you like it
- Hmm ?
- Take both your boobs by one hand and masturbate as I do!
- Are you giving me orders?
- You must!
- Ohh I can’t control my body anymore!
- You are always sincere, as I have known you!
- I am
- Are you wet?
- Hmm Yes…
- Harder! Look at the extra dark red dick!
- Hmmm
- I am going to shoot my cum in your face
- Ahhh fuck my boobs!!!
- Darling?
- What’s that?
-… bip bip bip

Ended call! I was shocked! I forgot all the excited state I was in! why the hell did she stop the call? Oh damn, her husband might be awake! Ohh…

Ashamed first, indifferent than, finally angry, frustrated, I decided to take the place of her husband and fuck her in real!

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Anonymous said...

Quite yummy, Darling!

Keep writing! I love to read other's trips down the naughty lane!


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