[3] Special awakening

It’s Saturday, a day off, I wake up, I feel not asleep anymore ! What time is it? 7
o’clock! Oh what’s up? I am sure I have nothing to do, no stress, so … oh I just remember the last crazy night! The unfulfilled fantasy! How could she hang up on me?! She even don’t care? She doesn’t make a call again? The frustration is going bigger…

Tired of waiting a sign from her, I call her , I don’t mind if she gets angry, it was her fault! Some bips before I finally heard a damn sexy voice!!

- Hmmm what?
- Hi sweety?
- Hmm I am sleepy sorry…
- You should rather be sorry for the last night…
- Mmm why?
- Coz finally you did not eat my cum!!
- Sure?
- Huh Sorry?
- …
- Are you there?
- Mmmh fuck my mouth!
- …
- Please..

I forgot what I was calling for, now I am putting my hand around my cock and start masturbate myself.

- So you like it?
- I love it!
- Oh my darling… you didn’t forget me despite the trouble.. !!
- I am not your darling, I am your girl!
- Hmm and?
- I want you to penetrate all my body!
- Ohhh
- Come on!
- Mmhmm you know what! I imagine myself moving fast in your mouth!
- Ohhh faster!!
- Ahhhhh I come!!!
- Mmmm (actually choked voice!!)

For some minutes, I only listen to our breathings, no words! I feel unmatched satisfaction… but the desire never decrease! I ask her ..

- You are so hot!
- You are a good fucking friend!
- Oh stop … you make me naughtier!
- (laughing)
- And you made me completely forget your husband’s presence!
- Haha he is sleeping like a bear!
- (feeling a little bit guilty)
- Hmm what are you thinking about?
- … I donno.. that bed is not your right place!
- I don’t understand!
- Your husband doesn’t deserve you!
- Huh? Why?
- Because he is sleeping like a .. he is indifferent to your hot body!
- Amm but he is a good husband!
- …
- You fuck so good!
- Ohh

I don’t find words, I was thinking about that weird situation… I don’t believe yet what I have listened from my “serious colleague”! More seconds of silence, mutual gratitude? Yeah! I must believe in myself! Eventhough, I ask her :

- I don’t believe I fuck you that good!
- Why?
- Because simply… I didn’t fuck you!
- Uh .. but..
- But?
- You made me squirting…!
- Only by phone?
- I swear…
- Only orally?
- It was!
- What if I fucked you in real! In your hot wet pussy!
- Aaaahh
- Hmm? Answer!
- Fuck me please!
- Is it?
- Yet!
- I am coming!
- Now?
- Uh … you mean?
- Yes.. If you don’t mind!
- Waw..
- What I am not kidding!
- Are you alone at home?
- Ohh stop asking stupid questions, you know everything of my life, come!
- Now!
- Come and fuck hard your cute kind colleague!
- Ahhh
- Enough for now, I am going prepare my self!
- Good wife you are!
- I am not your wife!
- Although I will penetrate you for hours!
- Ohhhh enough please!! Bye bye!

I was like in a dream! In the last morning, I just wished I can have my colleague personal phone’s number! Now, we are going to fuck!

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