[4] I punish her.. in her husband's bed!

Still shocked, but happy! I can't believe how can I finally fuck my kind coworker towards I used to express much of respect... But now, her sexy voice, her naughty words, whole the image never leave my head..!

I go to my bathroom, there I take a shower, I look at my cock, I wonder how much it would be frustrated.. how much it will be agressive..!! Pity on the good girl who is my coworker, I just want make her scream!

The naughty thoughts are getting deeper, harder.. I have not remarked that I started to masturbate myself, yet! But I stop when I realize it, I want to cum all my cumulated sperm into the good wife..!!

I take the shompoing, but I drop it.. I suppose it's better that the good commited girl will smell the wild odour of my sex..

I can't concentrate anymore, until I heard my cell ringing for a short time. I realize that it was a sms from my colleaue : "he goes.. come!".

Once again, I feel like in a dream, but the growing strength of my dick makes it clear that I am actually going to penetrate her..

I leave my home fast, I have only one plan in my head.. no idea about what I have to do else. I take the road.. which i still remember.. the last time I was at her home, she invited me to her wedding anniversary. That time, I met her husband and I experienced a strange feeling.. like an envy..well it can be.. because he was somehow indifferent, whereas she looked very smart, beautiful and sexy. My thoughts break suddenly when she rings me up again.. she was waiting impatiently, for sure! This time, I will give her the best gift I can, ever! I am just decided to share all the passion I need with her!

Arrived, I ring her, she opens the door, smiling in a shy way.. i don't know how to react, I feel confused because of the unusual conversation we had.. but it was sincere, as well!

She closes the door behind me, and I was the first to catch her strongly between my arms. She looks melting.. she doesn't resist, she is just ready to do it..!!!

I start to kiss her warmly in her chicken, lips, then in her neck.. widely. Her eyes were nearly closed, and she breathed hard.. I smell her perfum.. did she use it for me? Yes she must! I feel then more and more passion to her.. as if she was my girl!

She was wearing just a dressing gown.. which I move up suddenly.. ohh my god, she doesn't put any underwear! She sounds embarassed by my exploration, but she doesn't resist..! I let her dress fall, but my hand is for now inside! I move it in circular way over her buttocks, which I feel extremely smooth!!! Hmm she must be so lazy at home to have such a soft chair!! Her husband must spoil her..!! And I am touching the ass of his barbie wife! Deeper..my fingers start to explore all that hot region, going from her ass hole to her pussy, already wet!!! She opens suddenly her eyes very big, she looks at me, I see in her eyes much of desire and like a weakness.. I actually dominate her! Now, my tongue explores her breasts, that are not covered anymore by her white dressing grown. I used to imagine them, and well.. i am not deceived at all! Her boobs are incredibly smooth, a little bit large, because she has started to be pregnant..

I close my eyes and suck with unmatched passion her pink nipples! At the same time, I enter two fingers, one in her anus, the other in her pussy, while another one tries to plau with her clitoris. I open my eyes just to see her.. I see what I will never forget! Her face was getting extremely red, her head was lying back, in the air, this sight just makes my excitement growing up, more and more!

I try to use every part of her intimate parts, which have been always teasing me, I realize that she is ultra-excited, but I feel something missing! Unconsciously, I push her in a sudden and brutal movement, she opens again her eyes, looks at the bottom, like a crazy, I look in her eyes, more than ever decided.. she looks at me, reddening, confused, although she wants it, ohh.. is it finally the moment to do it..?

I just open the zip fly of my trousers, which I just keep, so that she can see my dick proudly sorting from the jeans her coworker wears everyday.. I just want to tease her.. but she had no time to react, to say something, because I immediatly catch her dress firmly in my hands, and move it up. Now, it just covers her stomach.. where an innocent baby is growing peacefully..

I give her a second shot against her pussy, pushing her back to the wall, now she can't move anymore, she is stuck against the wall and the authoritarian colleague who is going to punsih her!
Punish? yes, she has always teased me, and she just needs a great fuck! Again, she watches with emotion the impatient movements of my dick, looking itself at the hot pussy offered to it!

I want to surprise her! I want that symbolic moment to be like a conquest.. I move one hand towards her chin, I raise her haid with passion and authority, I look at her eyes, closer, and we melt in an endless kiss. Now my hand catches her pelvis, and i train her slowly to her bedroom..

All the way, we kissed each other, I let her dominating me.. and I establish how much desire she has.. more than excited, I feel like grateful!! To what? That such a perfect friend offers me herself and even .. desires me!

When we approach her wedding bed, I push her gently, and I come over her.. never willing to stop that damn delicious kiss! Our saliva is merging, our breath, too! My hand searches my cock.. conquest is approaching!!

I take her legs.. mmm what a legs!! smooth, white, as if she has never walked or worked! I take them over my shoulders.. I feel them trembling, I imagine her imaptience, and that makes me crazy happy!!

But i want to tease her more and more, I look at her breasts, I feel hungry! So, I put down my head, between her large but sweet boobs, and I lick every part of her skin!!! She breathes deeply, and I continue, I wish it was for an eternity, what a body! What a barbie! what a good hotwife!!

My hand surrounds my cock, she has not felt yet! She might imagine it within her, but she has no idea! It's time!!!

As her pussy was continously wet, I put all of a sudden my hard dick, in one shot, all in her body! Poor baby inside! I guess I have touched the bottom! Her eyes open too big, she screams and her chest was elevating suddenly, her pelvis too! My dear friend, take it hard!

- How can you be so strong ahhhm hmmhmm mhmm
- You like it? hmmm ? *successive smacks *
- Fuuck gooooood
- (I can't talk) My eyes express a determination I have scarcly known..!
For about three minutes, we just hear smacks, screams, smacks going more brutal, more fast, screams getting higher. She gives a terrible howling and firmly hugs my head with her legs. At the same time, I feel ecstasic, I can't anymore...
- I will cum!!!
- AHHHmmhmhmmm

In a long wail, i give her all my sperm in agressive splashes, which she receive proudly!

For some time more, i was just lying over her warm body, softly, taking her head with much gratitude between against my chest. I feel exhausted, but satisfied to that point I forget the time, the risk, the fact I was in her husband's bed.

I look at her, now like a lover, I try to find the words :
- You know .. So many good feelings!!
- mmmm
- My girl! *kiss*
- *kiss* (she laughs lightly) hey .. i am not your girl!
- how?
- I am a housewife! I am the girl of my husband!
- ..
- *kiss* but you are my best fucker!
- *red face* that means.. ?
- Guess!
- I will fuck you everytime you want!
- oooh Xa why are you so naughty these days?
- But you like it..?
- hmmm?
- (I play with her ass hole) mmm?
- why not..
- ( i really feel the desire rising bit by bit..)
- hey we do it the next time!
- do what?
- ..
- i will fuck your ass, good girl! in your husband's bed again! That's it!
- Bad boy!
- (i play vigorously with her clitoris)
- ohh hhmhhm hhmm stop stop go away, it's better!
- ..
- please!! (and she stands up energetically, she pushes me gently to the door..) ok if you want, i will be your hot girl, but remember that i am a housewife!

Before she opened the door, i strongly kiss her tasty mouth, before I say good bye, I don't forget to smack her naked ass.

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