Catch the wife in the beach - ep 0

I am lying in the sand, thinking about nothing. I have to say, the beach is over crowded.. which makes me feel rather.. excited! Everywhere, I see delicious perfect women lying on their stomaches.. or just walking in the beach. What a spectacle!

Just next to me, I remark a beautiful lady lying on her back, reading some book. She must have around 40 years, but her body is.. yummy!

Her legs are softly folded, allowing me to see some of her heavy white ass. I feel more and more concerned, and horny.. I can't focus anymore on that "nothing" .. now, naughty images start to come and my sight can't leave this woman.

Does my face express some confusion? In fact, this lady is just playing from time to time with her 3 years old son, and tell some words I don't understand to her husband.

Damn, she is wife and she is mother, but that just strengthen my fantasies. Suddenly, i feel the erection taking place, no way.. Decidedly, I will masturbate while imagining this woman I never can "have"..

Eventhough, I still have a little of hope.. so I try to forget about her family, and concentrate again on her legs. I was travelling through my eyes, slowly, moving from her feet to her smooth thighs, and moving more indecently to that mysterious and attracting triangle hidden by her string. If only I can be there for hours, breathing and drinking. My senses need to explode, and I am aware of my fantasy, which just pimps up my desire and will to .. just touch that forbidden skin.

I really don't mind about the doubtful look of her husband, who seems to be unpleased of my "intrusion".. but when her eyes meet the mine, I guess she must establish the depth of my fantasies. She just smiles, a polite smiling? And she continue reading.. and in a sudden move, she hits I don't know what in her ass, I hear then a heavy smack and I see now for the first time that the skin of her ass was not absolutely white, there is some red.. due to the sun or to that smack? My erection gets harder.

A second time, she looks at me discretely behind her book. My eyes tell her clearly a lot of desire and frustration. Shall I go ahead?

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