Catch the wife in the beach - ep 1

So, I am wondering.. does she really share my naughty thoughts? She is now hidden again behind the wise book she had.. is she still reading?

I feel increasingly intrigated, while I remark that her legs are more open.. The view is crazy, as if the lady was waiting for her lover. I can't stop admiring the few blonde hair outpassing her tiny string...

Her husband looks absent, or perhaps ignoring his anger.. he must be polite! How can he be so indifferent to the sexy wife he has? Or is he wild just for the night? Anyway, at that moment, it is clear that he pays no attention to the lady, while she starts to spread her legs for me. Is she experiencing a fantasy?

How subtil it is to be in such situation.. I need to make sure.. I want a clear answer to all my questions. I am absorbed in watching her pussy, barely covered by her string, and realize that she looks at me, amazed, for the second time. Her quiet husband doesn't realize any of our discrete lights.

He suddenly stands up, so I get confused, but he is just going to have a walk in the beach. For now, we are only three. I feel like a fear, but i am aware that this opportunity can't be offered twice..

So, I stand up, too, to conquer the place of the husband.. but i am not her husband. Now, she looks at me with more attention and less discretion, I search the words..

- Nice that you are my neighbour..
- Thank you.
- ...
- (she smiled and continues reading).
- You know that you are sexy?
- May be. (Her eyes don't even leave the book..).
I feel desperate, she is not that easy.. no she can't share my thoughts..
- But you are! i said.
- Ok thank you.

Her baby has been all that time hold by this conversation. I feel more and more in a trap...
She totally ignores me, but her legs are shamefully spreding once more. The young boy is really amazed by my strange light. Finally he says in innocent and kind way :

- You like mom?

I try to veil my embarassment by a large smile. Then I answer :

- I know this!

And I pull the small balloon he has in his hands, and start to play with him. He accepts the game with joy.
But in reality, I just take pleasure of this pretext to see the pink unshameful pussy of his mom. For a while, she actually sounds pleased by her son. I look at her, she looks at her son, he looks at me waiting me to throw the ball, but everytime I see the provocative legs of his mom, I forget my game. All of a sudden, the four eyes are inspecting me. Am I discovered? Yes I already was! Again and again, I catch and throw the ball.. anxious of the come back of the husband. Damn, what am I doing?

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