About "Affair temptation"

Dear silly reader. Sorry for my long absence, I have had busy time due to my job, and my "normal life"... :-) Eventhough, sex and fantasies are becoming like a daily activity. Everytime I browse amateur videos, or some erotic stories, or even in my daily social life, I experience a growing desire towards woman, especially mature ladies.

I know that most of you share this fantasy : a guy dream of an older sublime lady, reciprocally most ladies love to find themselves seducing a younger man full of energy, who would be her son's friend...

I just like to know about your opinions around this fantasy.. do you think it's something harmful (in the case the lady is mom and/or wife)?

Dear sexy ladies, do you experience this fantasy when you are alone in your bed? If so, can you easily do it in real? Have you ever thought to realize this weird fantasy using your phone or your webcam?

To every lady who enjoyed this experience, do you seek only a sex buddy or a horny Lover?

Thank you

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