Telecheating [ep 2]: Trembled voice

That night, the silly guy was connected as usual with his preferred milf.. through some messenger. But each of them was totally devoted to other : "no disturb please!"

I hard kept control of my excitement, and started again to place unshameful words towards the lady, who seemed to reject my naughty invitation. Such an attitude only made me even more excited and decided to...

She has been smart, so she proposed to put the headsets and read the short erotic tales of each other.. to make evidence of mistakes, improve them and so on... That's just a good serious writer. Though, I wondered how she can easily resist to the kinky words which she was going to read?

She took one of my first erotic stories, the topic was amazingly about milf fantasy. While she was reading, I experienced a strange feeling : a mixture of some pride, shame, and unexpected rise of desire. It was decidedly exciting to listen to his own fantasies from a woman, especially when she can be concerned by this fantasy.

As she read more, I felt like naked. She could indeed identify with the fiction wife of the story. When she finished reading, I found myself a bit embarrassed, but much pleased of this experience. However, she was less talkative than usually.. what's going in her mind? I didn't ask her.. I just told her that it was my turn. Her short story contains a detailed description of a woman unashamedly teasing her neighbour, staring at her body from window.

I was that neighbour, or that's what I hoped. So I started to react to every move of that girl. I didn't know why, I also felt that she is just the author, my milf. I was reading with unmatched excitement and dreamfully, as I interpreted every word as it was devoted to me. While I stopped reading, the author asked me :

- Do my story make you shy or uncomfortable?
- Oh no.. it's rather exciting, really!
- Really?
- I swear!
- Though you were breathing a lot, I thought you are ashamed to read this.
- It's not that...
- Ah?
- (I laugh, as to hide something).
- What were you doing?
- I read!
- Are you sure?
- Of course..! (feeling dramatically discovered).
- Your hands?
- Sorry?
- What did you do with?
- ...
- (laughing)
- Honestly, i could not stop myself masturbating while reading your words.
- You joke!
- I tell you the truth!
- Ohh Xa
- What...
- It's crazy
- However you made me so..
- I didn't expect this..

It was actually a sudden change in our call. No more confusion,but instead, I wanted to go further and deeper, inside the situation offered to us...

See you tomorrow!

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