Telecheating [ep 4]: Hot dedication

The crazy night was just the beginning of an unexpected story. My married friend was still surprised of my reaction. However, I used to think that my huge desire towards her was something trivial. As the mature and responsible woman she is, she finds it difficult to admit my undless excitement while sharing a talk with her.

I have to say that, for a week along, I have been asking her to let me listen to her moans while fingering herself. I was indeed highly teased by what she confessed to me; she did often masturbate and she enjoyed it everytime, regardless to her good sexual life with husband.

The silly events of the last night seemed to encourage my friend to finally make a record for me. She was extremely curious to see in real my reaction to her moans. So I was downloading her naughty file, while chatting with her as simple friends do.

- I will see you in cam ;) , she told.
- ohh.. shall I be quiet? Yet, I can't control my hands!
- No! And you will launch your cam when you start to listen to the file..
- Of course...
- Ok but don't play Rocco Sifredy neither! My husband can enters here... just want to see your face.
- I promise.. eventhough, I would be confused.
- I like! Don't you think that turns me into confused shy woman when you listen to me in that state? Only my husband has listened to...
- Ohh dear.. i don't know what to say..

And me to add :
- I start!
- blushing!
- ...

When we turned on our cams, we looked at each other, there were be silence, but our eyes revealed much of desire, undoubtfully! She was carefully looking at me, trying to find out any unsual expression on my face. Nevertheless, I felt more than ever nude. In reality, I was.. after I took off my pants to give freedom to my increasingly hard dick.

The more I stared at her eyes, which actively inspected me up and down, the less I felt comfortable and spontaneous. That was just a unique situation, for me as well as for her.

I told her then that I would listen to her moans, as she wanted to. and that I would react as if I were alone, so I ignored the window of cam, which I minimized. I know this has no sense, but I felt really hidden. I was ready to discover how does a wife squirt... oh how exciting!

And I played the file, closed my eyes, and started to discover the very special record. Nothing to do with porn, this is much stronger, because I kept in mind that moans are those of a friend who is forbidden to me. By the end of listening, I totally forgot my cam, my face and every muscle of mine was contracting and relaxing so hard, til I got a massive awesome cumshot. Once again, this can't be compared to my everyday masturbation. May be, because it's what we call "personal sex"?

After a while I checked, breathless, our chatroom window :

- Are you there??
- Of course I am! How can I leave such a show?
- I was also checking some of your photos while listening to you..
- I like the experience!
- And I thirst right now..
- Need some drink made on me..?
- Ohh.. I want!
- Sorry no service anymore, it's late! She said to provoke me.

I felt it getting hard again, to the image of licking a wife with all this passion. But it was late enough, my older friend had to join her bed to lie near her sleeping husband. I had to work the day after, I didn't mind about time, I wanted this sensation to stay for an eternity, so I asked her to give me effectively to drink from her generous fountain.

Don't mind how, I had the strong impression that we can be linked regardless to technology. Thus, we promised each other to meet together in her bed, me between her legs, open indiscretely for an invisible crazy lover.

In the morning, during my job, I received a horny message from my friend, urging me to come back. Obviously, she prepared something... what? Telecheating has finally began!

See you tomorrow!

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