Telecheating [ep 5]: Rendez-vous

After exchanging greetings and usual phrases, as good friends do, she said :
- You know, I have been busy in the afternoon, I have not much time for us, besides my husband and my son will be back soon..!
- ...
- Though, next sunday, I will be all the day alone here!

Before I realized the kinky invitation inside, she added :
- Are you busy in sunday?

I was more than amazed by this plan, offered to me, so I answered trying to contain my big excitement :
- Not yet! So sunday is defintely for us!
- Nice!

And she realized again :
- Coz my husband is just watching tv, he can come here at any time!

I was thinking how crazy is our story, nevertheless my friend seemed to read in my thoughts, as she said :
- I am talking as if you were my lover! Damn!
-'s just good!
- I am just following the life river flow.
- Right words..
- We can chose to fight against the flow..
- Philosophical!
- Or we can follow it, and see where it would take us away..
- I'm in meditation mode, now!
- Some people stay where they are, they don't fight but they don't go ahead neither!

My married friend is just amazing : Although she can be seen as crazy and butterfly, she keeps on thinking deeply about all what she does and feels. Does she look for some conviction, to feel better with her secret life? Anyway, I know that I like her, and above all, I worship her generous mature body!

We openly talked about fantasies and amateur porn, she was stating how do women react to rough sex, loudly screaming.. I fast forgot our wise conversation we just had had, and started to feel impatient..
- I can't get excited if there is no sound, natural sounds i mean, in the movie.. she said.
- I feel the same! I think we easily identify ourselves with actors.
- May be..
- I used to watch amateur short movies, but last night, I didn't need to! I was satisfied, and more.. I masturbated once more thinkg about you.. I am hungry of your skin, madam!
- Ohh Xa, you should use such words in your tales, she said as to stay a good friend.
- I would be crazy to see any inch of your body!
- We will have fun, sunday! I am impatient, too...
- Ohh i'm going to get an erection again.. what a plan!
- I really don't understand your fantasy, my body has nothing special! I told you..

I had already started to slowly masturbate, thinking about the naughty sunday waiting for us. She continued :
- And I'm 35. I don't longer have the body of 20 years old! What would you do if you knew me before?
- You are simple, and you are hot, that's enough for me!

She was typing some word, she misfully added a letter, all the meaning amazingly became erotic. This funny accidend made it clear we are highly ready to make love, definitely plaing roles of lover and hotwife, because we are!

I found myself increasingly allured by her laughter. Staring at her yummy lips, I said : I want to eat you! Suddenly, she switched to another topic, unexpectedly :
- Hey how do you find my skirt?
- Hmm sexy!
- And now?
- Ohh ..
- It's shorter like this no?
- Hey..!
- Or also in this way..
- (breathless)

In fact, she had stood up and she was, for the first time, teasing me in a naughty way!
- I am crazy! she said.
- And I am in hunger! I wanna lick your thighs!
- And?
- And go just there, between..
- You may want to kiss my boobs, too! Don't you?
- Ohh.. (I was never hoping for such a hot show)
- What a question.., she said, smiling.
- Of course I want!

And she holded her tiny tee shirt up, showing me extremely white and heavy boobs.
- How delicious!! I said, tetanized.
- I like them, too!

Suddenly, she disappeared, then she came back. She looked serious and at hurry.
- What's up? Someone coming?
- Yep.. wait pliz..

Her cam had been disconnected. Chat window had been closed. My hand desperartely continued to touch my impatient cock.

I received a message later : she was sorry to stop, her husband just came back home after bringing their son from school. I can finally figure how does a lover feels.. I had to wait four days!

So see you this sunday ;)

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