Telecheating [ep 6]: Wife loves doggy (1/3)

It's sunday. It's a beautiful day, I woke up full of pep, full of desire. For once, I would not be lazy sunday!While taking my breakfast, I was considering every piece of food as a likely aphrodisiac. That's what to wait for a sexy round with a forbidden lady. 10 o'clock, time to call. We had been waiting this moment for ages. I made sure my door is locked, before I took a totally casual naughty posture, my hands immediately started to wake up my dick.

For a while, we were talking and looking at each other. She wore simple clothes, nothing sexy, nothing special. Yet, I quickly got silly imagining the following, so that I started to use indecent words. Well, she didn't seem hot enough, yet.

Then we decided to continue our conversation by telephone, because cams bugged a lot. I was "computer free", so I was lying just near my desk, only wearing my headset... We still talked about various topics, but never I stopped to unconsciously rub my cock. In a sudden, she suspected something, she asked :
- Busy hands yeah?
- Right..
- (laughing)
- Using a cummed stuff...

Talking in this naughty way made my lust rising abrubtly. Behaving like a careless dirty lover, towards a respectful lady who had just managed to take her son to his cousins... She was laughing and kidding, like any cheerful friend. That attitude made me a bit more frustrated. I decided then to venture into the forbidden topic for which we were there... I tried to suggest some posture to her, to make passionate love. To this request, she merely answered :
- Don't take it bad.. I am not ready for this now! Sorry..

To be continued

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