Telecheating [ep 6]: Wife loves doggy (2/3)

I was disconcerted while listening to the objection of my married friend. I was thinking why did she suddenly lose her desire.. Is that fear? Is that shame?

Nevertheless, I could not stop my hands subtly teasing my dick, and so, I kept really hope, naughty hope, alive. Definitely, I felt rather indifferent and even more kinky..

The home phone suddenly ringed, she had to leave me for a while to answer to her husband, who just wanted to invite her to a receipt, somewhere.

I wondered, how much is this couple active, young, and smart! I had to consider that I got less and less likely to do something with this lucky wife.

I had not too much time for my silly thoughts, because she came back soon, apologizing for the break, and explaining me the object of the call. During about one hour, we shared talks about many things, regarding her life, the mine, our friends, our experience, our hobbies, and so on...

For once, she was curious to know more about my sexual life, in real. So I was pleased to take this opportunities to tell her some hot details of my sexual experience.. as an innocent frank friend tries to.

She was interested, and increasingly curious, and never stopped me. That made me a bit more silly, describing in an open way and more vulgar words, how does my dick react while excited, how much is my cum while shoting into my ex partner's ass, after a hot fuck.

She looked amazed, and even more willing to know more.. so I confessed to her that I tasted once my own cum, and found it like cheese. To this statement she replied : umm yummy!!

My cock was then in rise, I didn't hesitate to describe what did it become at that moment, and she got shocked. But she didn't object, and never tried to resist, she just wanted to know more and more about my silly private habits those days, while chatting with her.

Laughter, curiosity and surprise, in that the hotwife reacted to all my answers. She was enough open to sexy talks, that she was just ready to answer to many of my questions around her private life. It's all different when I got her answers in live.. her voice was growing weaker and warmer. I enjoyed this intimacy more than ever, that was indeed the first time we talked hot topics in real, in direct way, without any smiley, nor time to think and to hide any emotion.

I asked her how does her sexual life look to be. And I was amazed when I realized that she really gets satisfied every night, with her lover husband. Then we moved to a more taboo topic, I asked her about her fantasies, her imagination...

I was sure that she may experience some fantasms that she has not fulfilled yet. She looked a little bit confused, but then decided to tell me the truth...
- You know, I love my husband, and I do love sex with him. We are like young lovers, but...
- But??
- I can't tell him about every fantasy which creeps into my mind...
- Like what? And why.. he must appreciate that you tell him.
- Not this one...
- ?
- I want to be taken from behind...
- Ohh...
- Yes.. I am never sure how can this handle with such a request..
- You think he can take it bad..?
- May be.. well, we make love every night, but.. it's not that crazy.. I just want to experience sodomy..
- Are you not afraid?
- No, why?
- You can find it harmful..
- Eventhough! I like to discover new sensations there.. i wanna be treated roughly, sometimes!
- Ohh..
- Hey you don't tell me about your own fantasy!
- Well.. I have many.. but the most powerful one is.. you.

I was perplexed, feeling my dick hard like a rod. Silence and sighs followed these hot confessions, then she asked :
- Why me? (she didn't sound to believe)
- Because you are married...
- ...
- Hmm?
- I am older, I could be your mom...
- I love that!
- .. I don't feel sexy as 20 yo girl! I find myself fat!
- Well, I love your fat smooth ass..
- Ohh stop..
- Never thought to make your fantasy comes true?
- Hein?
- I am going to spank your white ass, ready?

To be continued!

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