Telecheating [ep 6]: Wife loves doggy (3/3)

She laughed, as confused.. then she added :
- I never did this before...
- It must be time to do!
- I have always been for my husband..
- Though, we were just crazy the other night.. I never forget..

She didn't answer. Instead, she hard breathed. I could listen to her panting. Consequently, my dick became seriously thick and dark. I told her, tetanized:
- How do you want me to take you?
- Ohh
- Are you seated?
- Yeah..
- What are you wearing?
- Oh just as usual..
- Please don't take off your clothes, i will make you scream, anyway!
- Xaa.. what are we doing?
- I hold your legs over your chair arms. I come just under your skirt..
- Ahmm
- How are your undeclothes?
- I don't wear, now...
- Ohh.. (words escaped, I felt more than ever in big hunger).
- Mmmh don't stop.. she said, as she actually imagined me licking her wet pussy.

I experienced a too strange sensation, whole my skin was tingling. I imagined my blood boiling below.. My dick got harder. I told her this, once again.. but this time, she didn't laugh, and she didn't express surprise, neither. She just made a loud "Oh" and then she asked :
- Why are you late? Come on behind me..!
- Hey...
- I am for you..
- What are you doing now?
- I am on four..
- Oh..

As quicly, I was telling her that I finally took firmly her smooth hips, and pointed my thick cock in front of her hot hole. I was shoving it down her lips, her ass line and her clitoris. She screamed louder and became more naughty.. Damn I didn't longer recognize the wise and cheerful friend I have! Her screams were suddenly interrupted by the ring of the phone.
- Ohhh what!! she said.
- ...
- Why now..!
- (i found no words to say)
- Please wait
After few seconds, she came back:
- It's him, again.
- Well...
- "Laisse tomber" (Ignoring)

My excitement abruptly rised too much, due to the naughty phantasm which was to be realized. This is cheating itself! While her husband kept on calling, the wife demanded impatiently:
- Please stop teasing me, put it in my ass!
- Ohh
- I can't anymore!

And I pushed my hardened cock as deep as she wants! I told her what I was doing with her white kinky ass. This scene highly strenghted my desire towards the lady. I asked her, to better figure the situation :
- How red is your ass?
- Hmm I don't know!
- It must be.. when I beat it!
- Ohh
- Want to...?
- Oh!!
- Let me hear this..
- How?
- Spank your ass while fingering..

A bit surprised, she did. But only few seconds later, she was screaming again, and her ass, too! Definitely, I was fucking her ass hard, while my hands bitting her buttocks pitilessly. All of a sudden, she cried with pleasure, then she looked peaceful. I cummed just after.. I was breathing and sweating. She asked with a so good mood :
- Ohh sorry.. I think I was earlier to cum..
- I guess..
- It was .. waw!
- Unbelievable! How pleasing!!
- Yep!
- So positive feelings, I would say..
- Yeah that's it..

I was really smiling, no worries, no thoughts, no concerns, only happiness! And she just share the feelings. Crazy.. naughty sex is likely to lead to wellfare. Finally, an affair is not that silly., it's human! And she was first to remember :
- I think we should go... my husband is coming, and I have to bring my son back home. School tomorrow!
- Ah yes...
- Muahh (kiss) thank you for the moment.
- I love! That's... ; she interrupted me in a hurry :
- We must go! Have a nice afternoon!

I was still lying down, just smiling. The end?

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Autumn said...

sounds like a very exciting encounter indeed! does the idea of getting caught lead to even more excitment?

Naughty Plans said...

i guess yes.. having sex while thinking that it is "crazy", "shameful", "unclean" and so on... just make the situation more unusual, frustrating and so exciting!

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