Shameful Sessions - Friends Confessions (1/2)

If you have a close friend from the other sex, you may know how helpful this relationship is in your life... For the few last years, I have known a girl who used to be my simple classmate. By the time, we have become closer, actually we don't have anymore to feel unsettled and mannered while we meet. Now, we barely know every detail of our lives, our problems, our intimacy, and so on.

Eventhough, I am still not sure of the future of our friendship... it's said that true friends are forever friends, but there is something mysterious with this girl. As she has recently broken up with her boyfriend, she immediately confessed me her increasing feeling of being lost, as she suddenly got in lack of many warm emotions she used to have.

I swear, I have asked some closest friends of mine, whose opinion is usually umbiased. I told them the words and the actions of my female friend, facts which seem to tease me, make me confused and give me a kind of hope... such as her jealousy, her late calls and her asking of every detail in my dailylife, her hope to share a travel with me in the case she won't find her man to enjoy her honeymoon with. She promised to invite me later and spoil me, once she gets her own appartment.

My listeners were a guy and a girl, both concluded that this girl was trying to seduce me. I really found myself in an ambiguous situation, because I knew though that my friend just looks for an elder guy, she even demanded me to connect her to a good boy. Further, she proposed to give me the phone number of her "sexy cousine" as she knows I am single, too. What kind of friend is this crazy girl?

Honestly, regarding my best female friends, I hope to get much more exchange : sensual experience... And I strongly believe that I am not alone to hope so, girls also like to feel continously protected, seducing, spoiled... no matter who is the guy, because the need of sex is just human!

But a taboo seems to arise out of the belief that friends must not become lovers. "I don't like our friendship to be ruined..." that belief sucks. Instead, I am certain that the most successful relationships have started from a very good friendship. Otherwise, that makes no sense to believe that lovers are not friends.

This line of though gave birth to really naughty ideas everytime I think of the future of our friendship. In fact, I seriously plan to make one more confession to my friend. This plan is not about telling "I love you", as you know this girl is likely to reject it. A plan is to make evidence of the attraction we feel each to other, in a subtle way.

Stay tuned!

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