Shameful Sessions - He has a good girlfriend (1/2)

It was friday.. my best day ever! It has always been my release and my time for madness! Only for once, friday was much more...

All began when an old friend of mine, Josh, called me to plan a joyful weekend with another friend, Randy. We all shared a considerable time of our teenagerhood, in the highschool. I never forget those days, where we envied older youngsters for their freedom and wealth they had. We dreamed to be students, but now we are! Being in university means a lot of things, as for instance, becoming definitely a man, who has a girlfriend and who starts to build interesting experience.

Finally, it was time to meet together, to see how did each of us become, to laugh at our mad memories, but first of all, let us be crazy as we used to be! Once we met in Josh's home, we found our teen manners and as soon we started to laugh as the nasty pupils we were!

The only difference with the past, was the presence of one shining girl, she might be 20 around. I was looking at her when Josh was talking with the other guest, Randy. This last observed me, smiled and told our hoster :
- Do you see? I can't recognize him!
- Really? said sceptically Josh.
- Look at him!

I got ashamed, I looked at them while the girl was still sitting a bit further, watching tv. Josh laughed and said :
- What? I see nothing man!
- He mated your girl!
- And?

They both laughed, and I joined them finally, smiling.
- So let's know a bit more about you, Xa!
- Hmm what can I say...
- Anything!
- Well.. I love university, I will apply for a job next holidays, that's all...
- Okay! Let's say that you have not changed... good pupil!
- Good?
- Hey hey don't think so... he had a so naughty glance.. replied Randy.
- Me? When?
Randy, who loves to tease his friends, ignored my questions and told Josh :
- He is more interested in your girl than in you, wake up man! And they laughed again.

I felt too embarassed. In reality, I had been constantly attracted by the casual posture of the girl sitting on the sofa. She wore simple pyjama, and she clearly seemed not glad to see her boyfriend, Josh, talking with his male friends like a stupid teen. Of course, she ignored even more my curious exploring glances at her body. I was a little bit absorbed in my thoughts, when Josh told me :
- Huhu! I think Randy is right...
- Oh no just...
- What?
- Sorry I woke up early...
- Ok I see...
- (smile)
- Beer or Wine?
- Let's beer!
- Haha!

For about one hour, we had got increasingly funny and indecent.. Lisa, the girl, suddenly stood, she sounded embarassed, then she disappeared as soon as I swallowed the last drops of my glass. I look at Josh asking for more beer, but he understood differently :
- Hahahaa pooor Xa!
- Huh?
- Your girl is gone haha!
- My girls or yours?!
They both laughed. I laughed, too. Then I said :
- By the way, is she ok?
- I donno! Josh said, while he emptied his glass.
Randy answered instead :
- You like her, didn't I tell you?
- Like?
- Hum?
- How.. she didn't even talk!
- So let's say you want her?
- You believe?
- Ohh innocent you are! Come on tell it!
- Ok why you say it?
- Coz she is sexy, man!
- Yes may be..
- You suck!
- You crazy!
- We are become men, don't get ashamed to tell such basic truth!
- Of course but she is not alone... i mean not single!

I looked at Josh, whose face got reddened, followed our conversation with much attention. He was thinking, or trying to. But I felt annoyed by his staring. I thought he would ask Randy and me to go... After a moment of silence, Josh just repeated the words :
- So... you want her?
- Who..!! Lisa?
- Yes!

My cock got rude at a glance. I felt discovered.
- Y-e-s or n-o-t ? He said, frustrated.
- Noo he is too scrupulous, Josh!
- I am not!
- I made a mistake, you must be gay or worse!
- Stop!
- You want my girlfriend? Asked Josh again, with a strange naughty voice.
- Yes I want your girlfriend, asshole!
- Ok then...
- What does this change? I asked.
He didn't answer, just called :
- Lisaaa!
- Whaat?
- Come!
- I wanna sleep!
- Ok stay there. Xa! Up!

I just did and followed him along the couloir. I heard Randy laughing behind me and crying :
- He has a good girlfriend!

I couldn't understand those crazy events. When we came in front of the door, he whispered : don't talk to me then! And he suggested me to enter the room with him, then I stopped while he approached hid bed where Lisa was lying down, on her stomach.
- Hey hey wake up!
- Shhit let me Josh!!
- Hmm your ass...
- Please I am sleepy!
- Sweet ass sweetie!
- I wanna take a rest, don't you understand?
- Your body rocks!
- Huh? Am I stranger for you, asshole ?
- For Xa...
- Who is this shit?
- Xa come fuck her!

She stood violently, looked at me :
- Damn Josh are you kidding?
- No you gona fuck with him!

She was tired, visibly, so she just gave him a fuck off. Then she was lying again on her bed. Josh looks me, his eyes were shining with a sort of perverse light.. he whispered :
- Go on!

Lisa turned, stood up quickly, hit her boyfriend with her pillow : Drunk asshole! Go out!
He laughed, moving to the door, and told me :
- Enjoy man!

To be continued, tomorrow !

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