Shameful Sessions - He has a good girlfriend (2/2)

I was still surprised... feeling my dick getting as hard and warm as a hot iron bar. Lisa then looked me very indignant, remarked my dick and my hard breathing, and she shouted :
- And you? waiting for what, stupid guy!
- Hey he is my friend! said Josh.
- Your friends always suck, I understand now why are you getting stupid...
- Ok ok I see you are angry..
- Damn you! I am not your bitch! She said, and she started to cry silently.
- No you are not! He said, coming near to her.

He turned, asked me to leave the room, that he needs some privacy with his girl. I was going to close the door, while Josh ordered me to not close it, and made a wink. I understood all the following naughty plan.

I went back to the living room, and found Randy watching an erotic show. I told him :
- As usual..!
- What do you want me to do else?
He added :
- And why don't you stay with them?
- Well.. she is not easy..
- Porn is easier! Look..! He said, while a pretty model started to remove her white skirt.

I watched silently the show, then asked :
- Why the hell you don't ask him to share his girl? You bold boy!
He laughed, then answered:
- She is my cousin!
- Oops!
- As we have kept in touch all these years, Josh had the chance to know some of my friends and relatives, and asked me to date Lisa.
- And she accepted..
- Of course, she is free!
- I see...
- Well!
- And you want me to fuck your cousin, isn't that?
- Stop! Do you mind? Me, not!!
- Well.. I am convinced now!

We laughed then we focused again on the sexy tv show. A bit later, our silence was break by some soft screams. I stood...
- Where are you going?
- I gona fuck your cousin and the niece of your father!
- Naughty!
- Ok see you later!
- Wait.. are you kidding?
- No!

And I went back to the room of the lovers, decided, and much more courageous to break the taboo.
I looked from the ajar door, and discovered another Lisa, in her most intimate moments. Josh was fingering her, while she totally lost control of herself, and her muscles were clearly relaxed... her head was lying back, while she was opening widespread white gentil legs. I approached, carefully. Without asking permission of her lover, I started to open my jeans zipper to liberate my monster. Josh turned, looked at my wild posture amazed, then without word saying, stood and went rapidly away the bed, he discretely asked me to remplace him immediately. I did.

Lisa was still lying and screaming, while I continued the job of her boyfriend. How exciting is to push fingers into a forbidden flesh! I was masturbating while tickling her clitoris vigorously. She screamed more and more. I looked at my left side, Josh was still there, and he started to masturbate. My gosh! I never expected him to become a voyeur and cuckold! The idea about using and controlling the beautiful girlfriend of Josh, was enough to make me feel as wild as a savage! I didn't remove my pants, I didn't like Lisa to get time to realize who is going to fuck her. I took the pillow and put it firmly over her head. Her voice arrived to me, weak :
- Crazy Josh! You wanna kill me?
- Kill you of fuck!
- Why is your voice so..?!
- Coz you got me excited!
- Hey are you wearing jeans? When did you put them damn?
- ...

She started to resist, she might be enough curious to find an answer for all her questions. I was absorbed in my abrupt movements to control her til I firmly sit between her legs, my emerging hard dick facing her wet and ready pussy. At that moment, she arrived to get rid of the pillow, she saw me, she understood everything, she screamed.
- Come on sweetie!
- Shut up Josh! You are sick!
- Enjoy darling!

I did not wait, I pushed it at a glance, as deep as her pussy can... she screamed again.. she looked at me, frustrated but absolutely weak. Besides, her body was actually ready for a wild fuck, from any stranger cock... and she knew it!

All she did, was to close her eyes, to avoid watching her fucker, and tried to close her lips. Anyway, she could not resist anymore, any word she would say to me, would be useless! She was totally naked, and she received increasingly hard strokes from my angry dick. The harder I shooted it inside her pussy, the weaker she looked... until she couldn't anymore and screamed loudly :
- Ahh ahh you hurt, fucking gorilla!
Her insult just gave extra blood to my conquering cock. I heard Josh saying, in a troubled voice :
- You like him, don't you?
- No way ahhh ahhh slowly !!

She suddenly opened her eyes so wide, looked at me but only screamed more and more!
- I cum! I said.
- Don't !!
- Hmmm, I screamed as I never did...
- Ahhh

And she came, she got her orgasmo, that really hot girl! That was much stronger than her. I still felt in hunger, so I started to move up and down again, inside her hot pussy, but she stopped me:
- Enough!
- I want you!
- Stop!! ahhh you hurt me so!

Three more minutes of wild fuck, and she finally forgot her pain and frustration, and came a second time, while I hard gave her my last drops of sperm. She received all, then pushed me and did not say nothing. Josh was lying in the floor, he migt have already come, too. She was then near to him:
- My man!
- I am proud of you!
- You are a shame!
- I don't mind...
- You lied...
- You knew my fantasy...don't you?
- I don't share your perversion!
- Though you like it! I see...
- Yeah with no condom! She said, starting to cry...
- No come on, he is safe!
- I can't believe you anymore!
- I swear!

I finished closing my jeans zipper, and came next to them :
- Thank you, really!

She fixed her weak gaze on me, she found nothing to say, after she got used by me. In front of my friend, Josh, I took Lisa in my arms, and told her gently:
- I swear, I am safe.

Then I turned, looking at Josh, lying lazely on the floor, and told him:
- Tell her that I never use condom when it comes to fuck a good girl of a good friend...
- Oh I don't think so..
- Huh?
- I mean, she is not good girl anymore.

Lisa laughed and protested : You, crazy men!
Then she added : You won! But I don't like people to know...

- Of course! He said. As long as he comes fuck you.
- What?
- Come on Lisa! Don't you like a new taste, a second dick?
- Hah! It's enough for tonight!

We laughed all three. Then I left them alone, and went to join Randy, it was late to go back home.
He was sleepy, but the not the model on tv, I came just nearby, and told him, in total indecency :
- Your cousin is good! Is your sister, too?
- You say?
- If she is hot, I am sure I would want her!

He just said an inarticulate words, and slept again. The day after, Randy called me, he was well awake. After some usual phrases, he asked :
- I wish I did a confused dream.. you were telling me some naughty request...
- naughtier than you, silly?
- Hmm impossible! He said, proudly.
- So listen.. it's not a dream. Your sister is my next!
- Euh...
- Don't decide for her, old minded!
- I am not!
- Haha!

The End.

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