Naughtier is the Future

This is the closing day of the polls. Thank you for all the time you took to evaluate the last story. Here I like to share with you my feeling regarding your global feedback.

For sure, I am glad to see that most of you found the story hot, that was just my goal. Though, I feel more than ever responsible for my next essai. Besides, there is majority preferring a longer story. So you guess the challenge : longer and hotter! Thank you again for your voices, thereby I can be closer to you.

Finally, let me note that there is something perverse inside you, while thinking of your teacher,or colleague, or doctor or any other lady/man of your everyday life. May be, you find topics like incest or cheating a bit extreme or unreal. However, real naughty plans are our shared motivation!

Naughty statistic : Most viewed pages of the blog are those related to the labels : 1 - Milf ; 2 - Affair. Yeah man, if you secretely desire your married neighbour, you are not alone ! :-) See you.


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