Shameful Sessions - Forbidden Dating (1/2)

Dating has alway been a challenge for most of guys, willing to improve their seduction skills and their self confidence as well. This is good. But what if you go dating while you are committed or further, when you are accompanied by your girlfriend ? Personnally, I think it's a fun.

I dedicate the following tale to every man who loves extreme challenges, or who just wants to punish his bad-behaving girlfriend. Girls, don't get offended, you will take revenge in a different story.

The other day, my girlfriend and I had an appointement somewhere. We had not seen each other for many days. You can easily guess how exciting it can be to get some time again with his girl. For two hours along, we had shared a walk and a passionate talk.

Then, she was hungry, so we went to a nice restaurant to eat something together. How beautiful! Honestly, I had felt in a good mood, and was just waiting impatiently some intimacy to take her in my arms as long as I want. Her eyes were telling me a lot of excitement. We couldn't stay longer, so we left the restaurant and we entered the nearest café. I took her hand with a big feeling of happiness and pride, facing the curious people looking at us. Finally, we found a narrow corner, but which is really comfortable. Perfect! We were glued each to other, sharing one breath and one warmth which was going to increase. Everytime her eyes met the mine, I felt a sudden rise of desire and other hot emotions I can't describe.

Well.. time was running, we were absolutely absorbed in our small but large romantic world, til a group of four girls came just next to us. Inconsciously, I looked at them then turned my head back to my lover, who seemed to not mind my curiosity. And we started to talk once more, and more. But something changed : I could hard focus on my peaceful girlfriend, my eyes were regularly attracted by the laughter of the girls nearby. I swear they have nothing to be compared with my girl, they looked vulgar but... why the hell they took more and more of my attention ?

I even started to rate these girls in my mind, shamelessly evaluating every detail of their sexy bodies, their faces, their teasing posture,... I was feeling guilty, while listening to the dreamy words of my girlfriend, when my mind got connected to the stranger girls. One of them was definitely the object of my curiosity, no it's not anymoe, it's really desire.

I vainly tried to push out these thoughts of my head, are they bad? But at once, I desperately realized that I felt no more excitement regarding my lover. In final, I felt troubled and was going to ask my girlfriend to go elsewhere. At that moment, I saw what I might never see! The girl of my fantasies, giving me her back, squats and... her pants move a bit down, leaving a very nude brown skin. Oh! My eyes got troubled by this unexpected sight! I can actually see her ass line, there is even no string! Quickly, I looked at her friends, but it was late... and they must wonder how bastard I am. I looked at my girlfriend who was always talking of everything, there is no sign in her eyes showing that she suspected me.

Whew! It's not that scandalous.. but on the other side, girls clearly made sure of my ill intentions. All that happened in few seconds... however the situation was finally going to change... when the girl whom I mated her ass turned round and looked at me with severe eyes. Hmm is she indignant? I don't think so, really! She is not of those girls who care about their reputation.

So what? No, there is another meaning in her eyes, like "come fuck me". I could not explain it, but the message was more than clear. This hussy girl hasn't any worry about the possible reactions of my girlfriend. During the minutes after, we frequently exchanged glances, which got more and more lasting and vulgar.

Yeah, she is vulgar, that's what I said, but I am, too! Then, I forgot every scruple and all the lover I had been one hour ago. Instead, I found it like a duty to go do something with the hottie. She was waiting something, for sure!

The idea came immediately : I broke the incessant confidence of my sweety, and told her that I had to go to the toilets. She smiled at me, that innocent smile which make you the most lover man. But I didn't need that, nor even need to have a hot fuck later with her. All I wanted is to push it roughly in the brown ass of that shameless crude girl. I know she is not of those we call "good girls", I am totally aware of it, and that's all the problem!

I was in the toilet waiting a dream. I wondered whether I was too much self confident? Have I any prejudice about an entirely unknown girl? I experienced some anxiety, and I thought that it was better to go masturbating to end all this hell!

To be continued...

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