Shameful Sessions - Forbidden Dating (2/2)

All in a sudden, the hottie came and I became tetanized. I didn't know what to do... may be she would kneel down and open my jeans zipper? But there is no porn movie! Wake up!

While I was having a mixture of thoughts and emotions, which made me feel lost and confused, the girl started to wash her face, offering me her ass for the second time, but then, I could watch her detailed line emerging from her bronzed back, in total discretion.

However, she was acting as if I were not there. Indifferent! Is this a game? I felt weak, like a banal teenager teased by a forbidden older girl. Then she broke my watching, she turned up, looked at me long, then she laughed as the experienced whore she is, and moved to the door. This defiant and humiliating behavior abruptly gave rise to a real rage inside me, so I didn't lose time, I stopped her firmly before she reached the door and got exposed to people... she turned back once more, her face expressed rather surprise. Without asking anything, silently but tightly I pulled her, I locked the door, I pushed her against the wall, ordered her to raise her hands and crouch, to offer to me her nasty ass. And it was!

She obeyed in silence, I tried to understand this strange behavior of her. She did not take my action for a rape, because she could easily scream and force a scandal in the tiny café. But on the other hand, she was careful to not express any excitement in response to what I did... why the hell! Coz I am stranger? Coz she doesn't want to look like a whore? Or does she think I can't satisfy her? This silent monologue made my aggressiveness rise once more!

Then I thought of her upcoming shouts, which may turn the toilet to a porn studio. So I opened the tap fully, to ensure a total discretion. Meanwhile, she was looked carefully behind, but never tried to break the game. I came towards her again, put my nervous hands over her delicious breast tightened by her t-shirt.

She made a weak "ah", as my fingers squeezed her hardened nipples. I liked her reaction, so I played vigorously with her nipples, which failed to hide behind the thick t-shirt of those autumn days. The more I pressed her brown rude nipples, the less she kept control of her breath and jerky shouting. I suprised her when I stopped all that game and both my hands began to explore her skin : One hand of mine was massaging her stomach and moving slowly upwards to conquer her breast again. My other hand, however, was moving down, and fast, it got wet... Ohh she really enjoys!

For the first time, I came too close to her, and told her : I want to fuck your ass! And we looked at each other in the mirrors nearby : she expressed some surprise, she smiled and told me : please don't do.. it hurts! I impatiently replied, not convinced : Hmm? You like it though!

She was silent, and just looked at floor, powerlessly. I believe she likes to be submissive. Although she seems to be vulgar, too much expressive and inscrutable in public, she hides a big fantasy of being used, treated like a bitch in bed.. or in a banal toilet!

Oh.. How didn't I think about it? I tool off my hand which was distorting her t-shirt, and at a glance, my fingers were catching her hair, which I pulled. She shouted loudly, I could read her pain in her face. But that just strengthened my desire. I continued to control her head, while my other hand was entirely covering the curves of her pussy.

She understood my intentions, and she tried to play the victim, she resisted to me. Unexpectedly, I gave her a hard push on her ass, and she found herself one feet forward. We were both surprised, so we just continued this action, while she was attempting to express some resistance, but some seconds later, we were in front of the toilet door. I firmly pushed it, my dirty girl and I went inside. Then, I took back my hand, and her hair immediately covered her face, leaving her sexy naked neck. She had no time to remake her hair, because my hand was forcing her head down. More than ever, her ass was exposed, her famous line spreading again.. for me!

My hand on her pussy traveled under her deformed pants, before it was attracted by her hot hole. She lightly cried. Then I removed her pants, and I stayed wondering the curves : A tiny exciting dark skinned ass, crossed by a hot ray, deeper than I imagined... in the middle of which, I discovered an open hole welcoming me to come and cum...

She guessed my surprise, and she laughed in a provoking way, as she used to do, and told me : so what? you never see it before? oh poor virgin! Of course, she was kidding, and she knew how would be my reaction. All of a sudden, I released my hardened dick, threw a condom I used to have in my pocket, and then I spitted over her ass hole. She cried : Bastard! My answer was a deafening slap on her ass, before she felt it warm, and added : Ahh. And started to repeatedly cry : stop! ohh stop! as my dick entered slowly in her tiny scorching tunnel.

After a while, it got plenty.. and I was finally able to move my cock more and more quickly, until the hottie screamed seriously.. i didn't like to panic in such moment, so I flushed the toilet to make more noise.. Still, she shouted and moved her head from right to left and hit the toilet edges hysterically. All that stopped when I felt a plenty of hot sperm warming her tunnel.. she guessed.. she became silent, but a lot of breathing. I was removing my condom.

She stood, looked at herself, put her pants back, then she remarked that they got wet, because of some water on the floor. She got really angry, forgot all her weakness few seconds ago, shouted but to say that time : You bastard! She pushed me out the toilet.
- Are you satisfied now?
- ...
- You are just crazy, go see a doctor!
- Huh?
- Fuck! poor man...

I had finished hiding my cock, which was still big because I needed more...
The gross words I heard were enough to make me decided to do something... I walked toward the girl, who was standing in front of the mirror... when she saw me, she cried :
- So what?
- Calm down...
- Fuck off!
- Just want to...
- GO!

I looked at her... confused as in the beginning... I wish I could use her again, to take revenge... to answer to her rude words by a ruder fuck. But... it would be a real rape... I can't be a raper! I still glanced her, through the mirror, she seemed actually exasperated. I moved my hand for the last time to this forbidden body, and pressed shamelessly that ass, barely hidden by wet pants. And I jumped outside, she had even not time to react... I was coming back to my lover. She looked anxious :
- Are you fine ?
- Yeah..
- Are you sure ?
- Yes darling!
- Give me your hand, I have been worried...
- Oh you don't have...

I was in lack of love and respect, I welcomed my kitten in my arms, while she took my hand to kiss it as she used to do... Oops, I felt guilty.. that hand didn't deserve... No no I did nothing! that was so ephemeral. Actually, I was about to forget my affair, when my darling raised her hand, her eyes were asking me, she was looking for words.. then she said :
- Your fingers smell ...
- What... ? (I had one of my worst fears).

She looked at me, trying to understand... then she laughed.. and went in my arms again :
- Oh it's nothing sweetie! You know I am fussy! she said, snuggling.

I smiled, relaxed, sighed, wondering how lucky i am, and feeling a rise of love and need for my lover. Is it rather pity, you think? At that time, I saw the bad girl coming from the toilet, I tried to ignore her. She was going to join her friends but she stopped in front of us, a new wave of anxiety came. My angel girl raised her head again, looked at the devil with innocent eyes :
- You need something?
- Or I will give you something!

She threw a plastic thing on my face and sit with her friends. I was totally shocked. I looked at my clothes, I touched my cheeks : they were wet, with something like a glue. The condom run, came over my girlfriend's knees. She had a strange glance. Our eyes met, while loud laughter and confused talks came from the girls nearby.

The End.

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