Shameful Sessions - Friends Confessions (2/2)

This morning, I woke up in a "pinky mode" : hard breathing and hardened dick. One told me that it's quite normal to feel horny in early morning. There is however something particularly beautiful with this erection : it's totally devoted to my friend, N.
I imagined her deep staring, her suave voice and her light touchs, sometimes lasting... over my knees and my hands... Actually, I felt so much desire and impatience that I started to talk with her, in my mind, and snuggling my pillow... I wish she could see me... that innocent show must be stronger than any words I would say. Aha! She must see me in this moment! I started then to imagine the most likely plan to show her my secret impossible desire. I swear I will do it, as she swears to invite me to sleep in her appartment.

We spend a hot evening eating, laughing, drinking some brandy (she already said that she has no problem to drink with me). And we get more and more spontaneous and... horny. No, I won't expect that she will call me to fuck her.. too much hopeful! I will try my best to keep "difficult" and charming in once. Relaxed mind, relaxed body, relaxed postures! She would see me open as never, confessing my deepest dreams of sex, my fantasies, my past experience, just to warm her up! Though, I will never tell in words my passion towards her. I want her to suspect me, to wonder, and to get pleased to find who she is for her best friend...

After enough time of talk and secret excitement in her living room, it will be time to sleep... she must have her own bedroom. Either she invites me to sleep there alone, with her, or elsewhere, I hope for nothing, I don't like to depend on her actions, rather I want to make her coming closer and closer. Just before lying, I go to the toilet, I inspect the basket where she puts her clothes, and I discretely take any underwear of her.. hmm though I hope to find her panties I have never seen before... I take this treasure with me and go to sleep. During all the night, I will be able to smell my best female friend.. So, it's like to sleep between the legs of a woman... ohh I hard keep control of my hands right now.

And I sleep for hours, and more... I want my friend to wake up earlier, I want her to come, and to discover the most shameless, and the least offending action of me towards her. I want her to get confused, looking at her own panties lying on my nose, and the pillow she gave to me, taking place in my arms. I want her to establish that her guest wanted to feel her rather than just to have fun and rest.

Sorry there is no fucking action : Due to the ambiguous experience I am having with N, I want to keep my expectations realistic.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any advice you are welcome! :)

See you!

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