Shameful Sessions - Hunt the Ass in the Bus

This has happened today. The beginning of the story is real, the following is the fruit of much of frustration and imagination. Hope you will enjoy!

I was standing inside the bus, facing two chairs on which sitted two girls. They were really funny and enjoying their time, they easily broke the killing routine of the bus. This last was going to be more and more crowded, however people inside seemed to be indifferent, tired and in hurry to reach their homes.

I was watching from time to time the two girls, a bit amazed of their cheerful talks, when an older man came, desperately seeking a chair. As energetic and warm they are, the happy girls offered a chair to the man, who just thanked them.

But the inseparable girls shared now one chair, just next the window. The scene was crazy, but innocent as well. One girl indeed sitted on the knees of her friend, whom I envied secretely. I looked at the joyful girl in front of me, my look might tell her a lot of frustration. She realized it may be, but she was obviously concentrated on the teasing hands of her friend, tickling her.

I looked around, most people look away, and only some ones indifferently care about the entertainment of the two girls. One of them felt hot, so she started to remove her vest. I immediately stared at her breast, to discover any interesting sight. At this moment, I was amazed to establish that the old neigbour was also looking at the same direction. The girl sitting on her friend was aware of the attraction she was creating but she never expressed shame or any discomfort. Per contra, she started to wave her hips, oh my gosh, is this a game or a lovely hot show ?

The old man was however more teased than me, and I understand! I just imagine how he can feel the warmths of two hot girls. Lucky he is! And pity him, voyeur!

Then, I couldn't stop myself thinking of the amusing girl in front of me.. in a kinky way. I wish I were her neighbour just to feel her smell. At that time, I saw her face reddening. Oh! And what if she reads in my thoughts? No.. I was definitely superstitious and totally disconnected, as everybody standing near to me. What happened in front of me was just unexpected... and totally unespected!

The girl hidden to me was clearly relaxing by putting her head on her friend's back. Friendly isn't it? But the other girl seemed really embarassed, and looked at me and at everyone around, as to make sure that everything is ok. What's up? I focused then on the gentleman, oh.. one hand was missing. What's wrong? I looked more carefully at the crazy threesome, and waw.. this is my discovery : the man, in fact, had unexpectedly put his hand behind his neighbour, fingering her ass for sure.. Damn, I hate him! And that's not all, because when I moved around, I saw his fingers linking the pussy of one girl, and the ass of the other. Imagine such a sight. In fact, the girl who looked relaxing, just tried to hide her confusion, while her friend was unfortunately exposed to everyone on the bus. I looked at the lucky man just before I moved ahead, he was still calm, smiling as any grateful old man towards a couple of kind girls.

I felt revolted but in reality, I appreciated that unexpected discovery, and admitted that I should learn much from such bus hunters. Whereas, I still wonder while leaving the crazy bus : how did he do to not be rejected ?! Any idea ?

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