Beach Hunting [ep1] - Meticulous Plan

One year ago, a naughty idea started to tease my mind. Everytime I watched an erotic show, I found myself particularly attracted to the elder women. It is easy to note that these women have already their own social life. They are likely to have husband and children, but they need a job…

Well, I just thought about the many “normal” ladies who try to be seducing, not only in TV. Yeah, it’s sure. One telling example is the beach. It’s only there where you can find women who enjoy sun, but also passionate staring of men at their bodies. Ladies are just aware of this fact; they must get glad to realize that they keep attractive as if they were younger. But are they all ready to show their seduction skills in bed? Hmm it depends… I had to experience!

I got just excited at the idea of joining that great sexy meeting - the beach - and trying to date ladies there. And what if some woman accepts to fuck? And what if I invite her to my flat? So many teasing questions… That’s how I got decided to plan holidays earlier than usual. My hope was just to meet ladies who just share my sex query. During the week before my travel, I got about sixty condoms for free, thanks associations! :-) Such an armada for only two weeks, no girlfriend. That’s to say, I was too hopeful. But it’s important to feel permanently safe, and to be able to fuck at any time.

What else? Home! It’s perfect! I can reach the beach by feet; indeed, tourists in hotels would be my lovely neighbors. When I first entered my new location, I realized that the next apartment was still empty, as both flats share one balcony. One third apartment, in the first floor, was however always noisy: the owner of the residency and his family live there! In short, I was just satisfied to get that apartment, which perfectly suits my hunting imaginary plans.

When the night came, I went out to discover my very special quarter, how I love it! So calm! So peaceful! Most of tourists might be outdoors, or having some entertainment in hotel. Every portal I saw was in my eyes a heaven’s gate, where I can catch many beautiful… non-virgin women :-)

Beautiful dreams are easy, action is however a real challenge. I got more and more aware of this idea, because actually, it’s not a paradise, nor a red light district! Although I am sure there are plenty of mature tourists who came in the hope to find a lover, to make them forget the labor and the coldness of whole a year, despite this evidence, I realized that it was my turn to work hard... In fact, I should not be the only man to try his chance… so there is a competition, in this case, one must be different, and here is the challenge.

During my walk, I saw light coming from an apartment’s balcony, I slowed; I could clearly see a woman’s silhouette, watching on TV on her room. I focused on that unexpected intimacy; she seemed to wear a white sexy nightgown. Oh! Why not to try…? She could be my guest that night! Like a shot, I called her: "You’re so sexy!"

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