Beach Hunting [ep10] - Options

- Hi man!
- Hi... I said, exhausted.
- Good hunt?
- I could not caught her...
- What?
- There are other predators...
I went to the kitchen to find cold water. Pity there was no beer, the supermarket was far enough... After I relaxed for a while, I came back to the sitting room and asked my room mate :
- I hope you had more luck!
- Well I didn't go to the beach!
- Are you that tired?
- Yesterday was so deceiving, so I have no mood to go away!
- I see..
I was thinking about the situation going to be more and more complicated, dashing our plans on the ground of reality. Then I was suddenly hopeful, I asked:
- What about our new milf?
- The neighbor next door?
- Yeah!
- Have no lust!
- However most of tourists are never alone, as I have seen.
- That's weird!
- So do you keep hope to try to hang out again with?
- Of course! But later I will go to the pub, you can join me there if you want.
- It's ok.
I was at once released and nervous. Released because I am not the only man to get upset. Nervous because there was about one week left.. I could not figure my come back if I would not satisfy my insane fantasies. Anyway, I was feeling so tired that I fast fell asleep.

In the late afternoon, I opened my eyes and realized the darkness of the room. The silence was prevading to the extent that I felt a little bit depressed. Then I remembered that my friend might already go to the bar. I was figuring many alternatives : going to the beach, in the hope to find the mommy again. However I would be kicked, that plan can turn into a nightmare. A second option is to go to drink some glasses in the bar, and forget about all that shit. Another option? Going outside and breathing fresh air at the sunset! Gentle plan! So I did, I opened the door, but the balcony was not empty, my neighbor was sitting there next to her open door.

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