Beach Hunting [ep11] - She is unkind

- Hello.
She didn't answer but she nodded instead. I was a little bit discouraged by her distant behavior. I looked at the palms around, then I asked:
- It has been a hot day.
- Ok.
I replied, as to talk to myself :
- Though it is not that hot!
She looked at me, for the first time I could read in her eyes some meaningful expression, other than her killing indifference. She sounded intrigued by my flagging assumptions. Then, she thought maybe that it was useless to understand, so she ignored me again. I was enough frustrated. What did this conversation mean? I had no choice but to continue my monologue :
- Indeed, people around aren't hot. I see...
- Ok.
- It's just a big deception to realize that a beautiful lady like you, can't even say one word.

I waited for her reaction, for sure she could not longer play her preferred game of silence and indifference. I had just confessed all I thought about her. She finally decided to say something, but she was thinking instead. I said:
- If you think that I am a serial dater, you're wrong.
- Well you are!
- Why do you think so?
- You are such a bold guy, you and your friend. You have no respect towards us. I have two children!
- Eventhough...
- What?
- That makes you even more attractive!
- Go look for a bitch, I am not like your fucking sex buddies.
- I swear I have not made anything bold, yet.
- Hmm so you must be too young!
- No I do believe in myself, but most of women ignored my approaching. Few ones who wanted to hang out with me, could not...
- Because you must be virgin.
- Because they are commited, madam.
- Look my boy. A woman who seeks for an affair never hangs out with a young guy like you, as she wanted a well experienced one.
- I am not guy. And you really think that I am virgin?
- Yeah unless you tried to see the pussy of your baby sister.
- Stop!
- Haha go home, it's time to sleep my son!

Did she want to tease me? Did she want to get banged? Ok.. I am not that blind to rape her.. she was not ready like the hot mama of the beach. However she left me highly irritated. I was still facing the impolite lady, she looked at me again with a mocking smile on her sexy lips. She called her elder son who was watching on tv inside. He came, his had a curious glance when he saw me there. His mom told him :
- Bring me the sucker of your bro!
- Why?
- This guy wants it.
He laughed, disappeared then came back so fast that I had not time enough to express the growing red anger inside me. He immediately gave me the sucker, laughing like a stupid provoking guy. He was so insisting that I really hesitated... may be because I was influenced enough, or I didn't want to be impolite, as usual. When I gave my hand against my will, the laughters of unkind boy and his mother became so loud that the young baby came and looked at us, so astonished.

It was only a while after when I actually saw the sucker in my hand. I wanted to hit the guy but that made no sense as he was protected by his impolite mom. Punish her? I would be considered like a raper! Go home, never, it's my home, I am there to be myself, not to escape stupid neighbors. Stay there? I could not look "normal" anymore, hearing the ceaseless laughters and mockery of neighbors.

I took the candy, it tasted good. The mother was laughing like hell. I made only one step to be close to her, and I inserted the candy in her mouth as fast as I can! She stopped laughing, she got surprised and so did her son. Then he suddenly started to hit me hysterically like a funny cartoon character. His mom threw the candy in the trash, ordered her son to go back home. She looked at me and finally said something serious:
- What do you want?
- You will tell me if I can please older women. See you tomorrow, early morning, in the beach.
- Huh what does that mean?
- I said you will come. Underwater games together.

Although she tried to be indignant and disgusted, but that time she failed to. She was seriously thinking of that suggestion. I didn't want her to make any comment which may be harmful, so I entered my room, brought my keys and some money, then I firmly closed my door, my will was so firm. I left her and totally ignored her eyes following me, I never wonder about what she might think... it was beer time!

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