Beach Hunting [ep12 final] - Water Games

In that morning I easly left my bed... Not only I had slept enough after relaxing beer, but also I experienced a lot of firmness and courage. I could say that there is some revenge, too! However I was shocked to see the unavoidable old man, sitting as usual near the residence door, drinking a coffee. "Good morning! You are early to come!". I wanted to tell him so loudly to not talk to me anymore. How annoying!

I was in the sexy beach earlier than usual. Only few tourists were there to run and to swim before breakfast. When I left home, I made sure whether my neighbor was awake or not. Usually, she spent whole the morning indoors, as she cooked for her children. By the way, I liked that she had no husband there, he might be working and he would join her in next weekend. That day was really my only chance to do something naughty with her. But what if she ignored my invitation? My thoughts got broken as I found myself facing the bad man of the beach... the guardien.
- What are you doing here? He asked.
- Fuck you man! Are you from police?
- I can call them..
- Go to hell! I suppose it's up to me to alert them! You harass tourists, you!
- I know what you are trying to do!
- And?
He looked at me with a so hateful glanze. He really hated me. Suddenly I saw a female silhouette in the beach pathway I came from. I supspected her to be my so expected prey... I focused on her so much that the exasperating guardian looked there. He turned to me and his looking was even more accusing, he replied:
- You will see!
I had again that stupid feeling of guilt, but fast I realized that he might think she was a regular tourist. He might not suspect I knew her or that I live near to her. He left me without word saying.

In order to avoid my growing feeling of being discovered, I used my hand to say hello to the coming lady, and then I went in the water. Perfect! I could easily follow all what happened in the beach without being seen! My neighbor put her stuff and removed her white tight teeshirt through which I had always guessed her big boobs. And so they are! Her bra was falling a little bit, as it can't support her heavy breast. She also wore a sexy blue skirt hiding full thighs. Ohh! I could not prevent myself of touching my growing cock.

Whereas, the guardian was standing seated not so far, carefully looking at the sea and children swimming. Damn he never moved from there! My neighbor finally stood up and went to the border of the beach. I saw her wetting her legs, her hands and her face. She looked so sexy when she bends! I thought she would come back to her umbrella but instead, she advanced. The cofusing fact is that she had not removed her skirt.. can she swim with? She was going ahead, the closer she was, the harder was my dick. She moved so slowly as to get used to the coldness of the water. After a while, I could only see her head, while she started to swim. She came next to me but she said nothing, we just exchanged hot glances which told so much of... challenge and tacit naughty plans.

She outpassed me as she swum into deeper waters, huh did she want me to go there? No problem... I took a breath and fellow her. We were then far enough from the beach. She stopped swimming and she lyed on the water, facing the hot morning sun. Her full boobs fell in each side of her breast, touching the cold water. I could see her hardening nipples under her white bra. I came closer to her, waw what a hot sight! I put both my hands under her skin, as to make her feel more relaxed. She opened her eyes, looked at me, surprised, or she pretended to be :
- What are you doing here?
- Good morning, madam!

I felt so horny, to the point that I could not think any consequence of my action. Perhaps, this is because I was sure there is no risk.. no people! Our heads were enough close to each other, then I kissed her in a tender way and asked her :
- Are you ok?
- I am! You can let me alone, please?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah I am not your child!
- However you can consider me yours...
She smiled, as we immediately remembered our conversation of the day before. She replied, amazed:
- Do you want to be treated like a child?
- You already did... but i am not a regular child..
- You mean?
I kissed her once again, while my fingers got naughty and pressed her so yummy ass, althouh it was firmly hidden in her swimwears.
- Bad boy! stop!
- Hmm why is your skin so smooth?
- I donno go away!

In the same time, she didn't try to resist or to break her relaxing posture. Instead, she wanted to feel much more than relaxed. Suddenly, one of my fingers got trapped in a hot expanded hot... She made a short "Aïe" while my breath became so hard! I asked her:
- Don't you wear your slip?
She didn't answer. She moved her head as to avoid my teasing glanze. Though I felt so pleased to ask her again:
- Why are you naked? Don't you have a slip to wear, fucking whore!
Then she opened her eyes and answered:
- Go home, poor child!
- Hmm?
My breathening got jerky, I could not say or think anything relevant. I took her in my arms, then we were roughly glued each to other, face to face. I kissed her as long as I want, my hands were so firmly taking her by her full hips. She sounded to give me totally herself... how much can an unkind and difficult woman be passive or even submissive!

I took advantage on her weakness as my hands went under her skirt. I finally touched her ass itself! How many times I looked at it throughout her bathromm window or in my dreams..! I started to rock her buttocks with an unmatched firmness she saw in my eyes. In fact, she looked at me with a real astonishement! That was something she never waited for... the faster I rock her ass, the stronger she nibbled my shoulders and my neck.

I was so certain to be her master, my arms gained an increasing force. So I let my short fall off, I elevated her skirt and pulled her firmly against me, she helped me by surrouding my waist with her legs. I took her hand and ordered her to touch my cock! She was shocked, she asked me in a weak voice :
- How can you be excited in cold water?
- I gonna fuck you, madam!
- You have no condom!
- Shut up! Open your legs! more!
- Please...
- Don't be stupid! I am safe!
- Because you never fucked before!
She was going to laugh and to tease me but a strong deep push inside her vagina made her instantlty screaming. She said though with a trembled voice:
- What? Ok I believe you but you won't cum in me!
- I am not your husband and I gona cum in you, slut!
- Aïe you fuck me so hard!
I took her so tightly in my arms, while I gave her many successive strong shots with my cock. She reacted by nibbling and scratching my skin like hell! I went deeper, harder, faster in her fucking delicious mature body... a lot of cum filled then her vagina, or may be her womb.. We stayed entwined like passionate lovers. I was imagining how can all of my sperm be inside her... what a feeling! She finally released her legs and went a bit further. She looked at me with a reddened face. I breathlessly asked :
- How was it?
- Such an angry guy!
- You still think you are my first time?
- Of course you made it before underwater, too!
- Though don't mind about my cum... The only risk you may have, a lovely horny baby...
- Haha please let me forget about... my husband will join me soon!
- Haha!
- Happy you! A third voice said...

We looked at each other, scared. We turned to the source of that voice, the unwanted man was that... other guardian, I mean the fucking boring owner of our apartments. He added:
- Good girl... good neighbor!
- Daddy...
All of a sudden, I understood that it was not a dream... I wanted to run away, to swim as far as I could... and I realized that my short had disappeared. The end?

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