Beach Hunting [ep2] - Hi, Neighbor

I was pleased to see the woman standing after my call. I wondered what to say else when she came to me… her balcony was not so far. Yes, she was really coming… in her sexy light dress. I could better see her sexy legs, very white ones! Hmm she might be a new resident, like me! She looked at me, smiling for only few seconds, as she turned back, closed the patio door, where her tight ass was going farther and farther… I felt some sadness and frustration. My plan was not that realistic. Anyway, I have nothing to regret, I just tried!

A bit further, I met some couples sharing a walk, as well. They look so romantic, and they were enjoying their vacations. Do these wives really look for something else? Like an extra adventure with a stranger? That time, I was not as sure as I used to be, while watching fake cheating wives videos and reading to mythical adventures of gigolos.

That time, I was just facing the real world as is. I mean, older women are mostly wives and moms, they have different responsibilities, they want to enjoy vacations with their families, although they can have some pervert inside them… shall I learn how to find single “milfs” ? Hmm that sounds more realistic, but I never can forget my naughtiest dream, to date and to bang a totally responsible lady, I want to make her cheating, can I? I am intrigued!

Enough for that night, I was already tired because of the long travel I had… I was finally coming home back, feeling so much pride to start this adventure, so far from my routine life in the stressful city. I was enjoying these thoughts while opening the external door of the residence, just before I heard a male voice: “Hey! Do you enjoy the place? “

I looked around, it was the owner calling me. He looks curious, he is one of these old men who enjoy staying at home all the time and earning extra revenue from his lodgers. That’s a typical boring owner! “Well it’s great!” I said, annoyed. And I took the stairs as fast as I can. I checked the next flat, it was always vacant. How boring! I tried to sleep, impatiently waiting for my first morning in the so expected temptation beach. I tried to not masturbate, to keep horny!

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