Beach Hunting [ep3] - Sandy Words

Late in the morning, after a long relaxing sleep, I took a heavy breakfast, amazingly thinking of how that can be beneficial for my sex drive. I prepared my bag, looked at the mirror, I felt energetic, so I went ahead for the next beach. It was 11 or a bit more, just before the lunch time in the hotels.
Just hallucinating! Along the beach, there were only exposed beautiful female bodies; I could not see anything else. That’s a holy place for sexy pilgrims! :-) I was still absorbed in that hot sight I can’t see elsewhere all the year. How crazy!

I got amazed enough that I sit down, looking at the crashing waves but indeed, staring carefully at the perfect body of a sexy mom playing with her son, just near the water. She realized my staring, but didn’t express any significant reaction. In fact, I was rather passive to what I saw; I had not the courage yet to act…

My hungry eyes constantly looked in different directions. Once, I focused on a couple lying on their stomachs, enjoying waves coming over them. The wife is just gorgeous! As they didn’t share a talk, I stared at her in a persistent way, while she was making some drawing in the sand. Suddenly, she raised her head and realized my obscene staring at her curved ass. Her hands stopped playing, she looked amazed by the posture of a naughty young man doing nothing but looking at her body. Or did she like my total indifference towards her husband?
She made some circle in the sand again but she had mind elsewhere, as she repeatedly stared at me. Could she be pleased? Oh gosh how naughty! I was increasingly convinced that this lady was exactly what I looked for…

We were obviously linked; I desperately looked for any tactics to talk to her, to make sure of my silly hope. Hmm… sand can be an innocent way! I immediately lied on my stomach, too, roughly facing the indecent wife. She smiled, I did, too! Then I wrote in big letters :
- I ♥ your body.
- :) (she wrote then)
- ...?
- ??
- Let’s f***?
It’s not easy to write down asterisks but I could not allow myself to be vulgar at that early stage… she laughed, how sexy is her laughter! Her husband, who was roughly sleeping, raised his head and looked towards her. As she laughed at me, his eyes moved towards me, they were suspecting something…

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