Beach Hunting [ep4] - Alligator Attitude

After a severe gaze, he stood up, ordered his playful wife to go with him. And he went without saying word. The lady, who seemed to have respect for him, just followed… when she came near to me, she put her foot over the phrase I wrote, she erased my entire request. I had not the time to feel indignant, as I realized that her foot was still there, offered to me. I understood… I kissed her foot immediately. Damn this submissive lady made me fetish! I enjoyed the too few seconds to lick and nibble her touchy white skin. And then she went, for ever may be.

Well, I was still lying on my stomach, having a blank stare. It was like a dream! When I woke up, I realized that a curious child was carefully gazing at me. He might see the naughty scene. Poor him! Would he be fetish later? I felt a little bit embarrassed to be discovered, so I decided to roll away. I walked again on the crowded beach, examining heavy bodies. So many and different colors, shapes and postures… what a festival! All of a sudden, I forgot where I was one day ago. Huh! Paradise is not so far! :-)

I crossed a mom going with her daughter who must have thirteen, not more. The girl smiled at me, she looked interested in communicating but… no! I can’t handle with this situation. I don’t want to use her, neither to worry her mom. Hum though, if that innocent girl could read in my thoughts… of mother f***er.
Well, I was lucky to face that same experience a bit later, in the water. I was carefully approaching a sexy blonde lady, who was also accompanied by her girl, it seemed to be. The girl was also a teenager, so I moved closer and closer to them. The teen realized how much I am concentrated on them, she told some words to her mom, and both turned looking at me. They smiled. I would never know what the daughter said. Anyway, her mom should be pleased to realize that she or her girl could be that interesting in the eyes of a stranger. I got a rise of courage, and went closer and called the lady:
- Hallo!
- Hallo! She said, smiling, while her daughter looked deceived to be out of the conversation.
- Can we speak in English?

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