Beach Hunting [ep5] - You're not alone!

- Nein!
She firmly swam towards the beach, taking her daughter with her. At that moment, I had a strange feeling of being a duped predator, shark or alligator or whatever your want.

How frustrating! Am I that bold? The unexpected reaction of the lady raised many questions in my head. Does she really want to be approached, while trying to make a clean image of herself in front of her little daughter? May be? I hope so… because if every mom immediately blocks dating attempts, there will never be MILF in real. No I should keep hope alive!

That day was tiring, sun and sea abused my burning skin. Everytime I was going to leave the beach, a naughty persistent voice inside called me to try once again. But indeed, that day was decidedly not the good one. Every lady I approached found a pretext to go away, or let me know that she was waiting for her husband… how subtle! Are there not cheating or single ladies? Shall I target girls of my age? Well, when I finally gathered my stuff to go back home, I was about to radically change my plans… definitely, action is not easy at all!

I couldn’t even masturbate, that became disgusting. I came there in the hope to slow that teen habit, by making love in real with the ladies. After that difficult day, I just wanted to drink some beers. By the night, I went to a lovely pub nearby, with a friend of mine, to get rid of the day stress and find out ups and downs of our dating experience. I proposed to try different alternatives, until we would catch a good hunt. I decided then to discover the other side of beach, at night. In fact, I kept a strong hope to find meet alone ladies spending time in the darkness of the beach, enjoying some beer. Why not! And… just imagine the following! I also needed to face a dating coach, one of these men who spend whole months working as a guard or a monitor in the hotel private beaches. That makes sense to ask them for advice and tactics …

My holidays would spend too fast, I knew it, that’s why I was urged to get more efficient in the first days… to get enough time to develop my speed dating experience, to multiply appointments and to get meaningful chance to bring a lady to the bed… that makes a lot of work!

Immediately, I wore my swimsuit and was back to the dark beach. Waw! How it can be so wild and fearsome, that social beach of the sunny day! I was moving carefully and searching any human silhouette, a female one. After a while, I found a guy wearing a uniform, walking with a can in the hand. Without turning, he asked me laughing: “I know you… I saw you in that afternoon looking haha”. I was encouraged by this attitude, so I confessed: “I think it’s a bullshit, are there any single lady?”. He became serious and explained that express dating in beach is like a random, and that there is no so many opportunities as we wish.

I drunk some more beer, which made me feel more social, I talked about my real plans when I came there. After a walk, we met two other guys who worked as guards for the next hotel. I was introduced, and they fast started to consider me as their old friend. Beer really link men, and it makes it better when they all worship one being: Woman!

I was told that my companion was so lucky, as he had just caught the phone number of a new resident in that hotel. The most amazing fact, is that the girl he dated was… not tourist, not foreign, not supposed to make sexy holidays.

May be, you start to guess the context in which I made my holidays: a place where it’s sunny, and where indigent native people are conservative. Hum? It’s just amazing to date a native a frustrated and conservative indigenous girl in holidays where you are expected to meet foreign open-minded and experienced women. Well, I found that story just exciting! I envied my new friend to have such an opportunity.

Then he went to call… his friends were kidding loudly, telling him that they have no condoms anymore. Gosh.. it was not a game, it was so serious. After only few minutes, a smart girl was coming from the hotel towards us. Her new lover whispered her something and she immediately smiled.

The two guys sitting in front of me looked at each other. Then one of them remembered my presence, gazed at me and said: “I suppose you have not understood, yet!”

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