Beach Hunting [ep6] - Watch, don't touch

- I have no idea!
- Well…
He seemed to take advantage of my ignorance, as he laughed with his friend. Then suddenly, one of my companions told me: “You can wait us for a while, or you can leave”. And they disappeared in the beach shack nearby to join the couple. I wondered… can they…? No… impossible!

Actually, I had no idea what to do… if I left that weird place, I would miss some episode… if I stayed… well I would feel stupid. I was teased enough, so I decided to know on my own what happened in the shack! I carefully approached the mysterious booth, to not alert them. Unfortunately, there were no window and the door was firmly closed. I vainly tried to listen anything suspicious. No way! However, the people inside sounded funny, as they were joking and laughing. Is that all their secret? It was obvious that guys were filling the naughty girl with their beer and…

I started imagining a shameful scene inside… I realized that I was thinking like a voyeur. Could it become reality? Who knows! I seriously planned to enter the shack and enjoy watching the bitch gang banged… and what if they disagreed? I was still close to the door. “Spank her!” I could not believe what I heard; I was thinking that I started to hallucinate, when I heard once again: “Stronger!” A series of spanks were following, and I could hear female voice: “Ah ah come on!”

The shack decidedly turned into a hot porn studio. Words and voices became more confused and less human… A savage gang bang was going to happen. Suddenly, the door was open, I got ashamed. The guy who was going outside was the one who introduced me to his friends. He was a little bit surprised, but he quickly smiled:
- You wanna share the girl, too?
- I know it’s too much…
- I thought you were gone!
- You know how upset I was, regarding the refusal of women today…
- Don’t worry! You will fuck a good one!
- But can I participate?
- Well I will come back!
- Please
- What?
- I wanna fuck her!
- She is mine, silly!
- And you like when your friends spank your girl!
- Go to hell!
- They are not better than me! Besides I am your guest no ?!
He seemed to think for while, and then he said:
- Listen… My friends and I used to share as much as possible every girl we dated… that’s how it works. But you… you’re so annoying like a child, go fuck on yourself!
- I swear this is my last time!
- Ok go away!
His voice was threatening, I felt more risky when one of the guys stepped out, looking for his friend. As he saw me, he asked:
- Hey you! Are you still there?
- “He said he wants to participate!” The other answered.
- No way!
They both shot an angry glance at me. I was so anxious that I decided to remove my own request. As I was moving away, I heard:
- You never come here again, perverse!
- “You will have serious troubles with her father, if not us!” His friend shouted.
I wanted to cry, that they are not only perverse, but hypocrite! However I got enough worried that I just wanted to feel safe again in my apartment! Why the hell am I so sad! It was the second day, no fucking chance! I could more understand my frustration: I was amazed to know that an indigenous girl going to be fucked, but I was just out of all that! Next day, my challenge would be bigger!

I was finally to enter my sweet home. It was late; I saw once again the old man peacefully sitting on his chair and smoking.
- Hi! How are you?
- I am Ok…
- You got burned by sun! be careful!
- Yes I do!
- It’s late! Take care next time!
How boring! As if it was in my grandparents’ home! Just before going into my flat, I remarked that the next one was a little bit noisy… new neighbor?

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