Beach Hunting [ep7] - Mommy and the Ball

The day after, I woke up hard... I had had an awful nightmare which was just the continuation of the misadventure I had the evening before. Even worse, as I seriously started to think again about the planning of my holidays... The serial refusal of women I approached the previous day, made me feel less self confident, and lazy! However I decided to give myself a chance, again! It's never so late!

All the way to the beach, I had the certain feeling of going to sit for an exam. I was so stressed that I forgot to mate and to look at the beautiful bodies as I used to do. Instead, I experienced a lot of fear and sense of duty... naughty duty? Though, it's still a duty, it's boring!

The first thing I did in the beach, was to walk as long as my confused thoughts. From time to time, I said good morning to a good mature woman coming to me, and all her reaction was to ignore and continue her footing. I was convinced that I should target any female to get more chance. But, younger girls were even more difficult, they seemed to be indifferent to words you tell them, surely because they got tired of listening all kinds of nice words. Well... I started to feel nervous and indifferent, too! I sat, watching tourists having funny games in the sea. At that moment, I wish I had a girlfriend I could play with... as do most of tourists. It made a growing body of evidence that dating on beach was definitely a stupid plan.

I was so absorbed in my negative thoughts that I didn't remark the red ball a baby shot. I received the balloon on my neck, my thoughts got broken all of a sudden. I could not be angry, as the baby was cheerful, and a beautiful lady seated next to him, was ashamed, smiling then said : "Sorry"! I just smiled and instantaneously forgot the light pain the ball made on my skin. Instead, a spread feeling of warmth was invading whole my body. Not only her smile was so touching, but also, she was gorgeous, that's all how can I describe her!

She wore a turquoise bikini which perfectly suits her milky skin. Her breast and her legs were lightly reddened by the sun. That made her even more sexy. Her blonde straight hair was a little bit excited and undown because of the wind, as if she just woke up. Her eyes let me guess a hot creature inside! I don't know why I was sure that this quiet mommy can be the hottest hottie ever. My cock immediately reacted to that bold though, so I tried to hidden my erection.

I looked again at her, as to make sure she didn't notice that, she had already put her sunglasses, and she was watching the joyful atmosphere her child was creating around. Did our communication take an end? Was it casual? Really,when I would be home back, I will bring this lady in my mind... that would be even more frustrating. Why not bringing her, herself? I felt a sudden rise of courage, as I realized that I had no choice. Immediately, the perverse inside me found a plan.

The baby was still joyfully playing with his ball. I called him and invited him to throw the ball to me, so he did. I took the ball, and throw it as far as I could. That subtle game sounded to please the child, so he run and brought the toy and threw it once again. I caught it and launched it in the water. He never stopped to laugh and appreciate my teasing game. I did not aim to take the baby away, I know it's stupid, his mom would worry. No... all my plan was to play as random as I could, it was not that difficult! Mommy seemed to laugh at my lameness. Aha! That's even better than being indifferent!

Then, I moved to the next level : each time I threw the balloon somewhere, I tried to run faster than the child to be first to catch the balloon. For sure, that action made the baby much more teased, while mommy was enjoying him. Was she appreciating how I contributed to the joy of her baby? Hmm I am not that gentleman, don't forget!

The game was going to be more and more out of control, we got actually excited, as if we shared same age. It was time for me to behave a little bit more... crazy. Once, I targeted the hot triangle between the open legs of the sexy mommy. The ball took place there, but that time, I was really moved to win... the pussy of mamma was so attractive that I prevented the innocent baby coming from there, to be there again. He suspected nothing, nor his mother realized yet the weird action which was going to happen.

Few seconds were enough to reach my best place in the world, there I headed my nose, my tongue, and felt immediately drunk.. of her natural sexual fragrance. I could not remember how much time did that contact last... all I remind, is that my head was abruptly pressed between two tense thighs, very hot ones. Then I found myself, face on sand. Indeed, she stood up and left the place. The smell of her secret garden never left my nose, though.

When I finally woke up, I saw curious children looking at me, some of them accompanied by their moms. I could not understand the meaning of their staring, it's neither indignation, nor appreciation. A mixture of both, may be.. I fast brought my stuff and left as quickly as I could that shame behind me. For once, I didn't find the old man of the residence when I was there back. I met my friend:
- Hey! How is your fishing today?
- I am drunk right now!
- What? did you go to the pub?
- Hmm I drowned in a mama's pink pussy..
- F***! Go eat something I will be listening to you.
- What about you?
- Huh I have a rendez-vous later with a sexy "milf".
- Another mom?!
- Yeah!! he laughed like a devil.
- (crying of a baby)
We both turned back and amazingly saw a mom holding her baby on her shoulder. We looked at each other, it was really late : our kinky confessions were totally heard by our new neighbor.

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