Beach Hunting [ep8] - New Neighbor

The most annoying, is that the woman and we, do share the same backround. In fact, she would be a taunt, a teacher or any regular woman we see in everydaylife. She had in her eyes a strange expression. I reminded then the staring of witnesses on the beach. No, but rather there was something else... My eyes fell then, inspecting the body of the new neighbour, as she wore a light bikini. My friend finally broke our silent conversation :
- Hi! Nice to meet you! (in the local language).
- Thank you!
- You just came from the beach?
- No I am going there now!
- Well we are glad to have a beautiful neighbor.
She laughed, thanked and turned back to go. We were unconsciously discovering her holy ass.
- You f*** her?
- Of course I want!
- We must make a plan!

It was a tiring hot afternoon, I decided to take a rest to be in a better mood in the morning after. We were drinking coca and watching tv, but actually, both our kinky minds were then focused on the sexy discovery of the day! Such exciting near hunt, that I forgot the adventure I had in the beach.
- So man, you think that she heard all? My room mate asked.
- Hey eyes told a lot!
- A lot of ?
- I would say... desire!
- Ouh!
- I swear!
- You know what does that mean?
- She must be a milf!
- Yeah but i suppose that she came here with a husband, she must be conservative, freasome...
- Come on man! She loves a hard cock in her holes!
- Yeah she must love!
- You know what? I will try, you, too! If she would feel at ease with one of us, that's good! If she wants to be gang banged, that would be even better! So good luck!
- Such a good tactics!
- Yep!

His naughty plan was to go outside having only underwears on him, to gather some stuff in the garden. Of course, there would be much chance to meet her in that shameful wearing. After a while, my friend came back and said :
- Wanna kill that man?
- Who? her husband?
- No! The owner!
- What!
- Yeah, he whistled furiously.
- What happened?
- He saw me!
- Shit! What were you doing?
- She was in bathroom, just next the door you know! So I was there!
- Exactly!
- She was ready to leave the flat to go to the beach, she would see me accidently!
- I see...
- Before the f***ng man came.
- The porter, I would say.
- I wonder how can I bring a stranger woman here!
- Hah don't worry! I think you must though concentrate on your new lady, you forgot!
- Yes for sure!
I was extremely tired, so I went to sleep. I had time for myself to think about the experience which was being build in a quick way! I tried to link together the events of the last night, my actions and the reactions of women I met. I wanted to take a break, to evaluate how realistic is my behavior. Then, suddenly I remembered the full legs of my neighbor, I jumped off bed, to go straight to her. I realized then that she might be in the beach. I closed my eyes again, enjoyed my privacy and had a great masturbation. My mind was just confused, remembering a plenty of asses, white gentil asses of tourists, and forbidden neighbour's ass. It was only 5 pm, I felt into a deep sleep.

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Naughty Plans said...

You are welcome! Stay tuned!

Unknown said...

She would have enjoyed it even more if the neighbor had been black and had done what all black men should do when fucking a white woman: pump lots of his seed deep into her willing white pussy where it will do the most good.

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