Beach Hunting [ep9] - Banged Mommy

I had slept for more than ten hours! I felt so cool in that morning, as if it was my first one in my holidays. I didn't like to awake my room mate, but I was curious to know what happened in his rendez-vous. Anyway, it was up to me to target the good milf, to arrange a pinky appointment.

A while later, I was establishing in the beach, relaxing under the sun. I was searching a calm and cool atmosphere to plan everything anew. I asked myself what I should to do to have more luck? Certainly, it's better to stop to think about failure, rather I should focus on the rare but real successful trials. However, I would conclude something useful : never date accompanied women! Yeah it's naughty but not every woman (and man) can be that irrespectful towards her/his partner or child. Aha! Don't you think it's obvious?

I should stop behaving like a milf hunter, as the reality is totally different from the extremely easy porn movies. Rather, I must consider the fact that we are just in a society, with all that word can means : fear, shyness, hypcrisy, complexes, need of feeling safe, etc. Hmm.. I was glad to find rational understanding of my failed trials of the days before. Amazingly, I didn't like to venture more and more into deep thoughts which make me feel .. hmm.. too serious. I wanna keep horny like hell!

I was tired of thinking, so I just lied in the shadow of the umbrella. I looked around, I could only number couples, families, women waiting for a boyfriend, etc. It was decidedly a bad luck to be the only single man in the beach, seen as a dangerous or a corny man. Even worse was the fact that every man working or living nearby, did the same. That reduced everyone's chance to attract and convince any female to hand out with. Yeah that's roughly the supply and demand model, expect the fact that I don't look for being paid!

The more I stayed there, the less I felt energetic. I regretted the stupid rational monologue I had, as I just became aware of new challenges and odds. Instead, I should be spontaneous as much as possible! That must be a key to success... but how? Then I remembered the scene of the last day as a child was running in front of me. I was going to wonder again and again... unless a sweet low voice nearby said : "he is not here".

I turned and was so pleased to see once more my desired lady. She was casually looking at me behind her thick sunglasses, had a brief smile then she continued reading her best seller. I thought how to answer but first, I didn't understand the exact meaning of what she said. I suddenly realized that she might be there for ages, but I was so concentrated on my useless ideas. "Go big or go home!" I remembered one of my favorite quotes. Enough dreaming! Action!

I stood up, made only few steps to come just next to her, looking for anything to say... "Be spontaneous and charming!", told me my female friend.
- Well, I am glad for it...
She put her book on her breast, looked at me with her hidden mysterious eyes :
- Sorry?
- Huh.. i like that your child was not here!
- What are you saying?
- ...
She took her new companion - her book - again and ignored my confusion.
- You said...
- And what?
- ...
She carelessly open her legs to pick her skin, while she turned the page of the damn book. I felt ridiculized, standing like the silent umbrellas around. I decided to be more vulgar to feel better.
- When he is not here, you are only for me.
- Sorry? she said that, removing her glasses and staring at me... hey eyes failed at being accusing, because they look so sexy instead.
- I mean this...
She outfaced trying to understand my random words. But I was fast to squat and to hide between her legs. Once again, she had not enough time to push me or make any other reaction. She felt conquerred, instead of resisting she unconsciously used her legs to press my head against her hot pussy. Only after I started licking her clitoris she could entirely realize the trap, then she tried to sit down, but my angry hands pushed her, so she felt and found herself lying again on the sand. I nipped so hard the smooth skin of her thighs while she just opened and closed her legs. That's not resistance, rather she helped me to reach her most intimate part of body like a savage.

I forgot to say that the place where we settled down was less crowded, as it was behind a small dune. Most tourists around were sleeping or doing something in total indifference regarding the naughty attack I did. Mommy's pussy became so wet that I could feel her juice in every part of my face. Then I went just over her, kissed her sexy lips. She cried with a muffled voice :
- You smell...
- It's your cam, dirty mom!
- Please don't do it here...
- Hmm shall we do it indoors?
- ...
- Hm? You like to be banged by a stranger?
- You're making a scandal!
- You will bring me to your room!
- Ok just stay away please...
She liked to be treated like a dirty used mom. When I lied near to her, I saw her breating hard and her face was so sweaty. How sexy! Suddenly, she got confused and then she took her bag and other stuff so quickly and runned away. I cried : "Wait! You come again?"

Some people realized it and looked at me on that damn annoying way. But.. they sounded to pay too much attention... did they watch us..? I was not at ease, not at all, I stood up and made some steps backwards... I had a shock, I turned around, I saw the guy of the other night with his eternal two friends, severely staring me. One of them finally said : "Go away!". Once again, I just obeyed as I felt so guilty...

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Unknown said...

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