Can you handle it ?

I would call her S. in this fully real story. Everything started a few months ago.. with a 8:00 am call from an office number waking me up in an ordinary lazy morning.

Her voice has always been cute and looking innocent to me. I was called to discuss with her some opportunities to work together. First time I met her, I was excited by her ambitions, and by her look, too. 

She presented to me the large guidelines of a huge project she had dreamed of. If I said "Yes, I go for it", it would have be a big challenge I have no idea about it. I had the feeling that I was about to change my life, my professional life, for good, and I decided.. let it be a deal !

Next meeting was a little more strict, going into the details of the project. She kept on explaining to me what kind of work she expects, and what are our resources. 

Unlike our first rendez-vous, we were alone, she was wearing a short dress, showing her sexy legs. Her look was insistent.. as if she were trying to make sure about my state of mind.. being novice... to this job.. Did she try to read further in my mind ? I still have no evidence, but I never forget when she crossed her naked legs, ending her words by a noisy slap of her thighs.. I heard a sound.. a really troubling sound.. I was thinking that I should keep professional, not to look to her shameless meat.. sorry ladies for this bold word, but you love to be toughly slapped nah ?

When I was back home, I was trying to remember whether she had a ring on her finger... I was looking for her whenever I could... nothing innocent, nothing professional... 

Our relationship was going deeper, colored by our lives and events.. I have been feeling some complicity between us. My work with her was not only motivated by profit and reputation. I have always enjoyed the way we interact, we merge, til we come up with a work.. a fruit of both of us. 

She was generous, giving me her feedback, thanking me (for what ? it's business no ?), telling me how satisfied she is with our collaboration. I knew meanwhile that she was.. another "happily married", and a young mother of two children which she has showed to me... Once, she had a call from her hubby during our meeting, and she told me then that he said "Hello". I did not know whether this is a good sign, or a bad one. 

For sure, I have seen myself as the... bull (the one who fucks the hotwife), excuse me for this another bold word. To me, S. was not only my partner in this project, but also, in everything else... in my dreams ! And that's not all.. I found myself even jealous of her hubby, of every partner with whom she works... do I love her ? Not really.. it can be worse, as I want to own her... to fully control her...

Dreams can be as naughty and imaginative as I want, until the day a really naughty thing happened. Since a while, we have been meeting in her own office instead of the large meeting room, and I used to sit down next to her. No doubt, this change can be seen as an informal attitude, or a friendly behavior. 

However... Last time we saw each other, she was simply wearing jeans... no pants under it... everytime she slightly bent over her chair, her professional chair, I could see her butt, her half naked butt beautifully crossed by a deep crack.. She was even comfortable, allowing me to admire during long minutes one of the most forbidden parts of a "happily married" ... and mom. 

I was wondering... either she was totally unaware of this.. as if I were her younger brother as she was amused to say.. (that was such an insult to me) or she was really enjoying the feeling of her half-naked ass cheeks.. exposed to her younger partner... her future sex partner maybe... 

That day, I was really sick, I could focus on nothing, my mind was loaded with the imaged of her sexy... ass and chubby thighs in her jeans. In order to relax, I ended up roughly masturbating on her... on her large butt firmly hold by my furious hands... and her exciting long legs over my shoulders... I had no problem imagining her hubby calling her... while we were... fucking... and experiencing another side of our partnership, a really passionate partnership. 

Can I handle it ? Yes I do ! She is a woman, she must be looking for some adventure to spice up her annoying couple life... and I am a man, I do worship her body...secretly ! whatever are the taboos, I sincerely believe that merging with her should be a more pleasing and far easier challenge than our initial deal. 

On the other hand, I can expect nothing, I never had the chance to take control over an older lady who is basically proud of her husband and family... When and where can OUR wild fantasies turn into reality ? No idea... but I keep believing it it, and I guess.. I really need a naughty plan ! 
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